Tuesday 16 April 2024

SDoAR 2.16: I Haven't Got Choc-Ices. I Only Got the Albatross.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the aliens brought you back. Was the saucer nice? Don't worry... everyone falls for the cookbook joke the first time. The greys are nothing if not silly.

Jen responds...

Damn cookbook! The first time, sure, but twice?!? Now that's just embarrassing.

Speaking of which, not as much accomplished this week as I was hoping, but I did purchase Albatross Notebook #1 as a gift for one of the many longstanding GoFundMe donors as a public apology for taking so damn long to get these friggin' Giant-Size Ashcans out the door.

It's the one on the left. My left. Your left. Dave's right. 

Okay this one!

So... some lucky donor is going to win this Albatross Notebook, but for the life of me, I don't know the best way to select the winner.

Y'all are smart. Dazzle me with ideas on how to fairly determine who will win and we'll kick the damn thing off next week!

Just the GoFundMe Facts, Ma'am

  • $11,250.00 raised to date from 192 donations
  • 60 new pages released as mocked up by Dave Sim from 11 June to 19 November 2021
  • 81 total pages available on Dropbox, including Dave's 2019 mocked-up pages
  • $150.00 away from unlocking page 82
  • If you have not donated > $5+ donation grants access to all 81 pages and all pages moving forward
  • If you have donated, thank you, but if you want to donate monthly, GoFundMe does not offer that option, so please do so as we are at the middle of month #4 of Year 2.
SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->> https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Preview, Part Fifteen

Thisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthis, this deep breath Oxford comma and ellipsis
Now that's some fancy artwork!



SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->>
 https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023 <<-- SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe


Michael Grabowski said...

Perhaps it can go to a donor who has contributed the most over the life of this iteration of SDOAR funding without actually unlocking any page.

Michael R. said...

Hi Jen!
Hmmmmm? Dave picked a winner by the earliest birthday in the year. 😂😂😂

Michael R.

Margaret said...

For every dollar someone has donated they get a "raffle ticket". Then pick the winner from a hat. Or some other method of randomly picking a raffle ticket number to select the winner. Give people until some random date in the future to get more donations in.

Tony Dunlop said...

What flavour is it?

Flip Berkheimer said...

I like where Margaret was going in that it would be good to incentivize more donations. Perhaps instead of weighted raffle ticketing, how about just 1 entry per person donating ($$ amount would not matter). Make this the rub: Only new donations from this date forward will get you an entry. Give people "X" amount of time to get a donation in before the raffle.