Monday 1 April 2024

"Aye... THAT would work."

Hi, Everybody!

(It's the only prank in the series I could think of...)

Happy April Fool's (if that's your thing...)

This Thursday Dave and I will be doing Please Hold For Dave Sim. If you got a question, you probably are gonna wanna wait until next month, because there's quite a bit of them already, but if it can't wait,, and I'll throw it on the pile. But ya gotta get 'em in by Wednesday afternoon at the latest, 'cause I gotta fax 'em to Dave.

Friend to the Blog, James Windsor Banderas-Smith's new Papa Balloon & Cactus Kickstarter 5 days to go and he's FULLY funded, so if you want the NEW Dave Sim Idyl homage cover, you're GURANTEED to get it (as long as he hasn't sold out of them).

And Sean and Living The Line have another new book on Kickstarter: Moonray: Ascension
The AMOC TeePublic Shoppe: up to 35% off:

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Oliver' Simonsen's Cerebus movie: The Absurd, Surreal, Metaphysical, and Fractured Destiny of Cerebus the Aardvark it's currently available on "Plex", "Xumo", "Vimeo On Demand", "Tubi". If you're in Brazil..."Mometu", "Nuclear Home Video".
Next Time: Jen's gotta gag for ya...


jhames34 said...

Guys is my favorite book of the series! Thanks again for sharing zee starter of kicks!

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Ha! The "tooz 'ave broken" bit is my favourite gag from this, the last funny phonebook.

-- D.