Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Strange Death of Alex Raymond Fundraising Edition

Hi, Everybody!

"Hey! Where the @#$% is Cerebus & Hobbs?"

They got the week off, because:


I got an email from Heir to the Throne, and the Big Kahuna, Eddie Khanna:

Hi everyone! 
My name is Eddie Khanna
The Big Kahuna.
and I've been working with Dave Sim on the research side of THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND for about ten years now.
It's true. I could post the beginning from the letters pages of glamourpuss if you guys don't believe me.
We've already solicited the Dave Sim Patreon folks and the CEREBUS ARCHIVE KICKSTARTER backers for support, and now we're soliciting the comic-book field in general interested in helping to finance the signed-and-numbered First Printing of THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND VOLUME ONE (FUNDRAISING EDITION) with personalized page one signed by Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh.
[Obviously, "YOUR NAME HERE" will be ya know, YOUR NAME there. Also, the 70 will be changed to whatever the number ends up being, obviously... -Matt]
This will be to help fund (one per store) IN-STORE NOT-FOR-SALE HAND-SELLING copies for California retailers in advance of THE CALIFORNIA TEST-­MARKET EDITION (t.b.a.).
I think he means the California Death of a Comics Salesman tour, which is on hold until the world re-opens from this COVID-19 thing...
[It's called that to distinguish it from the REGULAR RETAIL EDITION which will hopeful/y retail for $20 or so when THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND VOLUME ONE is published in 2021 (? 2022? 2023? depends on how things go). In the same sense that a $100-a-plate FUNDRAISING dinner doesn't involve $100 worth of food. The idea is you're paying more than the thing is actually worth to generate financial support for a good cause.]  
... will be going to press (God willing) in June.

There are 70 orders so far (as of April 22nd). The FUNDRAISING EDITION will be numbered out of however-many-copies have been sold by May 31st.
Everybody got that? You have UNTIL MAY 31st to get your order in.

"How do we do that Matt?"

I'm so glad you asked:

There are two ways to pay:
1) by cheque,
Or check if you're American..."USA! USA! USA!"
money order, bank draft, etc. for $50 US payable to
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
If you wanna donate more to help the cause, I'm sure Dave and Carson and Dave's and Carson's creditors will GREATLY appreciate it. *hint* *hint*
2) through with PAYPAL using the DONATE TO THE DAVE SIM FUND button about halfway down the C.D.L. home page. Please enter $75
(the Canadian equivalent of $50 US as of 22 April. C.D.L. takes payments in CDN$. Paypal will convert the amount to USD if you're ordering from the US)

When you have ordered, email me (Eddie Khanna)
The Big Kahuna.
at to let me know how you want the PERSONALIZED PAGE ONE to read (YOUR NAME or RECIPIENT'S NAME) and I'll email you back confirming the SPELLING and letting you know which # you will be receiving based on when I received your e­mail. First come, Lowest number.
And for the love of all that's Holy, don't think that is an email for Dave Sim. Dave DOESN'T do email. If you need to get a hold of Dave, the address is:
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
or call and leave a message at: (519) 576-0610
or fax him at: (519) 576-0955
There is no limit on the number of copies you can order and you're welcome to specify a different RECIPIENT for each copy you do order. 
Thanks for any support you're willing to provide as we continue to soldier on into the second STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND decade.

Eddie Khanna
The Big Kahuna.
Order a dozen, they'll make GREAT stocking stuffers at Christmas...
So if you wanted to know when SODAR Vol. 1 is going to be coming out, now you know: 2021 (optimistically...).

But you can order a copy of the Fundraising edition (I BELIEVE that the regular edition is going to have better binding and paperstock than the Fundraising and California Test-Market Editions. I think, I might be wrong,) right now. (And read it a year or more before the Regular Edition comes out.)

Next Time: Margaret, unless something BIGGER comes down the pike in the next twenty-four hours...


David said...

Thanks for the post Eddie. How large a cheque do you need? Maybe it's in there and I just couldn't find.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


$50 USD.


Birdsong said...

$75 US is like 12.95 in Canadian waampum bucks so give 'til it almost hurts.

(No, I ain't getting a cut, but it's almost Dave's birthday. Make an old guy happy.)

Tony Dunlop said...

Thanks to Dave and Eddie. I thought I'd missed my chance when I blew the Kickstarter deadline.

Anonymous said...

There isn't an open amount Paypal link on the Downloads site, just $1, $5 or $10 options.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I THINK you can change your amount when you click one of the links.

I forget how we got around this the last time we had an issue...

(Lemme look into this and get back to you.)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Click the $5 dollar one, and increase the number of $5 to $75. Then proceed with checkout.


Gabriel McCann said...

I live in Australia so postage for sending this to me will be a bit more than usual
How much should I pay for it

Eddie said...

Aloha Gabe!

We're setting The $50 USD ($75 CDN) price including shipping the same for everyone in the world.

But keep in mind that shipping for intl (outside of Canada and US) will cost AV about $25 CDN. So keeping in mind it’s supposed to be a fundraiser to help raise money (as per the above), however much you pay (e.g. minimum $75 CDN), deduct $25, and that’s how much AV will get from your purchase towards the cost of the print run.

Gabriel McCann said...

Thanks Ed
Have to wait until payday which luckily is before May 31
I've already seen SDoAR when I did my day with Dave Sim at his house. He let me look at about 3 different volumes which I managed to peruse whenever he went off for prayers so I got a good luck but not enough time to read everything.
Looking forward to finally seeing an offical copy come out at last

Carson Grubaugh said...
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carson said...

Huh. Guess I will be signing some books. Thanks, Google Alerts, for letting me know.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Hey Carson?



Anonymous said...

Okay, I see it now.

Might help if you put instructions in to keep upping the "quantity" until you hit $75 (or whatever).