Sunday, 29 December 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #8 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus (Last day?)

The Varking Dead (Wanna hear the theme song?)

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter. (And thanks to Cerebus Fangirl, our own Margaret Liss, he got it. Thanks Margaret!)

And as we do on Sundays, we turn once again to Oliver Simonsen and his weekly roundup of all things Cerebus/Dave Sim. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.
Oliver Simonsen:

The year is almost over - the decade even! And January 25th the Chinese New Year "Earth Pig" will also be done:(.

Here is Dave Sim celebrating Xmas as he does every year with Blair Kitchen and family.
Blair: "I told him he couldn't have any Christmas cookies until a quarter of my Cerebus collection was signed!"

Blair Kitchen is the creator of the indie comic "The Possum". You can read the first 4 issues at his site

You can also see Blair Kitchen's animation in the current Netflix animated Dr Suess series "Green eggs and ham" - plus he is also working on his own animated film.
Basically, it's a short film I'm making based off of my comic "The Possum". It's going to be a fully hand drawn, 8 minute short titled "The Possum: Fish Lips!" where he fights a creature from the lake, who surfaces to steal himself a bride. I'm going for a Tex Avery/Warner Bros/Tom and Jerry kind of feel.
[So, Oliver included a link to a Facebook video Blair posted, but I can't embed it here since it's from the Faceybooks, and not the YouTubes. You can see it here. -Matt]

Cerebus coming to NetFlix?

Cerebus, Watchmen and the mainstream

Cerebus grail

Cerebus #1

Cerebus is best holiday gift

Cerebus holiday swag

Cerebus loot

Cerebus deal

"Any Thing Done For the First Time Unleashes a Demon" Dave Sim quote in Spanish

Cerebus history in Spanish, Fábio Guerra PhD in History

Cerebus 8bit

Cerebus the stage play

Cerebus text

Cerebus holiday card

Cerebus postcard

90s Cerebus

Cerebus drawn by Levend Canga

Cerebus trope terms are part of the vernacular

Wolveroach influenced Wolverine?

Dave Sim best lettering

Dave Sim in Turkey

Jeff Smith and Dave Sim

Cerebus and Spawn

Cerebus and Johnny Homicidal Maniac

Cerebus and Sonic the Hedgehog

Cerebus and Spawn in progress

Cerebus reminder

Cerebus and the public

In the Cerebus facebook group

Raymond Mountford drew (not traced) Cerebus

   e         oo  e
L  nny C    p r drew Cerebus

Cerebus tattoos:

Margaret Liss

Tom Allman

Mike Clary

Dupré Wim

Jon Rice
[Click for bigger- Matt]
G'rar Jaran's jacket

Larry also shares some of his Cerebus Holiday cards

John Christian shares his newest Cerebus acquisition: the bust, here seen with his other Cerebus merchandise

Pablo Martinez asks if there are any Cerebus Xmas stories - the answer is no:(

There can only be each parallel universe. Steve Peters commision for Margaret Liss
Steve shares it will double as a “cover” of a comic within a comic—it will accompany a story called Machine Messiah in the upcoming Parallel Comicverses #1.

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: I gear up for Thursday, when Dave calls for "Please Hold"...


Jeff said...

So, I think that I'm starting to figure this out, thanks to cold medicine: In order to, you know, *actually*, be able to click on and, you know, *see*, Oliver's links, you have to be an actual Tweeter and/or Instogram subscriber. Right?

After attempting to utilize Tweeter, at Dave's request, several years ago, in order to "tweet" our correspondence, I gave up quickly.

140 (or, 280) characters per Twit is maddeningly time-consuming for reprinting even a one-page letter, let alone a five-page letter.

And, as far as I can tell, InstantGrampa is for showing pictures of your food.

Thanks, Dave and Oliver and Matt, for taking me, however briefly, down *that* rabbit hole.

"How's the warren, Jeff?"

"Oh, nice and warm. Thanks for asking. What's going on up there?"

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Jeff S.: Generally, you do not have to be a Twitter user to see people's Tweets, or an Instagram user to see people's posts. Some people have set their account to "Private", where you might have to deliberately subscribe to their feeds, and that does require an account.

Why would you want to Tweet a five-page letter? That's not what Twitter is for. In such a case, you'd be better served to post a description or excerpt and a link to the letter, or even include the letter as an image (which would let us enjoy the original handwriting or whatever).

If you think that Twitter and Instagram (and Facebook and Mastodon and and and ...) are wastes of time -- well, I ain't gonna argue with you about that.

-- Damian

Jeff said...

Well, Damian, I tried it because Dave asked me to. Neither of us had any prior experience with Twitter, at the time. I begged off after about two of his letters. Lesson learned by a coupla grandpas.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

I find that very typical of you, Jeff. Well, participation in Twitter is not compulsory. Hopefully you enjoy, to what extent you can, Oliver S.'s links to other people's Tweets about Cerebus, now that you know you don't require an account.

-- Damian