Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Yep, your regularly scheduled host has been kicked out and hogtied for the week.  Why?  He drew me all fat and Garfield-ish!

So what stunning new thing has caused such an upheaval of this column?

Hold on.  Take a deep breath.  It's...

Awwww, it's just an update of the checklist(s).

There should be a link to this post somewhere over there on the right so you can come back every time you wonder just what issues came out in the last three years.  Coming soon:  The 2020 checklist.

And there you have it.  What?  What else?  Ok, buy a shirt before they are gone for good.  Brian West eats, breathes and sleeps in his Vark Wars sweatshirt.  God willing, he'll get married in it one day.  Don't be a doofus, be an ├╝ber fan like Brian.

For a limited time, the VARK WARS shirt:

Buy from Amazon:

(Why only a long sleeve version in Germany?  Because they said so.)

These will no longer be available after December 31st.


The APPROVAL IS AN AUTHORITARIAN CONSTRUCT T-Shirt.  (It's not going anywhere until I can actually afford one.)

In THREE exciting colors (colours in Canada and the UK)

(Okay, sorry, no more forcing merchandise on you for the rest of the year.  Promise.)

Next Time?  If he can get the ropes untied, Benjamin will be back with something or other about that comic book we help Dave put together every month.  Or something about his pet goat.  Or is that a donkey?  I can't remember.  Ohioans are weird.  I mean they call them Buckeyes too.  What's that about?


A.P. Fuchs said...

Thanks for posting the checklist. I'm behind on all of them. Regarding the last T-shirt, is it available anywhere else other than Amazon?

Birdsong said...

Ironically, it was a hard shirt to get approved anywhere. We will be rethinking the merchandise in the new year and that one isn’t going away.

Brian West said...

David, are there any size 3XL VARK WARS SWEATSHIRTS available? Know the limit is 2XL at Amazon. But, if by the off chance, there are some 3X out here I would like to purchase one. I can take any response "off-air," if needed. Thank you.

Birdsong said...

Sorry, the sizes are what they are. If I could change them I would. The AmazonMerch thing is still in the early stages. There are weird limits and we have to sell like 500 of anything to see any real money so it's more of a hardcore-niche-fan-item kind of thing. Dave, Sean, Benjamin and I will split any profit four ways and between Amazon and CafePress we're all getting less than 20 bucks for our Christmas bonus, but we appreciate each and every sale.

In the new year I hope to get a moment to explore several options that Benjamin Hobbs has sent me for more print on demand items. There are at least two Batvark images and the Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct image. One of the Barvark images is so good that I hate to wait for it to see the light of day, but next Summer it will impress a lot of people. It's a lot of Sim and a lot of Hobbs and a little me. We're hoping to get kicked out of ComicCon with it. N'yuck, n'yuck.

Brian West said...

No need to apologize to me, David. I figured that such might have been the case with the sizes, but I just wanted to be sure. My mom liked my VARK WARS sweatshirt, a 2X and asked me where I got it, hence my query.

I will continue supporting you guys however I can. I need to buy a red Approval tee soon. Being a Louisville fan I need one in time for March Madness, though with my "volunteer" work I have not had any time to watch College BB this year. So, that might not be necessary.

I think I will buy another VARK WARS sweat though.

Cannot wait for the BATVARK apparel if and when it comes into fruition later on next year.

MJSchryver said...

Will there be a 2020 checklist?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

I'm sure it's a coming...


gsquared said...

Is there any way to order CIH? one-shots besides dealing with a comic shop? Like, maybe ordering a pile of them direct from AV? I can't be bothered with the hassle of doing a special order, going to the shop, etc.

MJSchryver said...


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Hobbsong, Birds, whoever,

Where's my muther-lovin' 2020 checklist?!?