Sunday, 10 November 2013

Missing Artwork Search!: Glamourpuss #23, Page 3

Glamourpuss #23, page 3
Art by Dave Sim
(via email, 10 November 2013)

Hey Tim,
Dave had asked me to scan and send the Zootanapuss pages I have at 600 dpi RBG and send them off to Ted Adams at IDW Publishing for the Zootanapuss Artists Edition (which I did), but he thought I had two Zootanapuss pages, when I only have one (the other one is a glamourpuss swimsuit page). So he asked me if I wouldn't mind asking you if you could send out a request for the missing Zootanapuss page so whoever has it could send a scan of it to Ted. (I'm attaching a pic of what it look likes. glamourpuss 23, page 3 I believe).

Dave was sure I had it, but said it might be a sign of age that he forgot who it was sold to (in that old Cerebus voice) ("gum gum gum. That Eddie Khanna. Yes sir. He has my Zootanapuss pages. gum gum gum." was the impression he did). I told him that even though I know it wasn't me, he now had me thinking that it WAS me he sold it to. In fact, even though I AM 99.999999% sure I don't have it (I only have 2 1/2 pieces of original art of his), there's that 0.000001% doubt where I'm thinking, 'Well, maybe I DO have it.' Even though I don't. I really don't. I'm pretty sure. Gum gum gum indeed.


Keith said...

This is the image that made me start buying Glamourpuss.

Jeff Seiler said...

Are you kidding? I bought Glamourpuss on spec because of 26 years of Cerebus, just like I did until I couldn't with Cerebus Archive. The Strange Death could suck so bad it blows and I will still buy every issue!