Saturday, 25 July 2015

Petunia Con: A Celebration Of Cerebus!

Petunia Con Advert
The Comics Journal #88 (January 1984)

Limited Edition Petunia Con 1984 Print
Art by Dave Sim
(Click image to enlare)


Jeff Seiler said...

Chris? Get used to it. Dave does strangely appropriate gestures of generosity on nearly a daily basis.

I got used to it years ago.

Steve said...

The con print Dave did for the show is an oddity to me: it's probably the only specialty piece he did during this period that I fine really unattractive. All that black, those receding head-shots. It just doesn't *click* with me on any level - perhaps because I think he could've done something really amazing.

In a box somewhere I got a few of the con guides.

And but for one letter in the last name I would've been a guest at the con too.