Sunday, 17 January 2016

Jeff Lafferty: Inspiration From Dave Sim

Jeff Lafferty is an artist from Boulder, Colorado, USA, who publishes a weekly video artcast.

Dave Sim's Notes From The President were collected in to the Cerebus Guide To Self-Publishing,
currently available as a $10 download.


Travis Pelkie said...

Yeah, that is one of the really inspiring ones. I need to take it to heart again myself.

Jeff Lafferty -- name sounds familiar, but I'm not sure why. His stuff looks pretty good.

Unknown said...

Can someone forward this to Jeff Lafferty? - Hi, Jeff. I never really WAS an angry firebrand. That got imposed on me by people who were ANGRY about what I was saying -- pretty much everyone about everything I said. If you were to read the entire GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING in the voice you used in this video, that would be me. Kind of wearily resigned. "You aren't actually going to listen to this and it's going to make you angry and it's going to make you hate me, but, well, I think it needs to be said. Because maybe SOMEONE is going to be able to hear what I'm actually saying over the sound of his or her hurt feelings."

That hasn't changed a bit since the late 1970s, let alone the 1990's.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, though! Those are rare as hen's teeth. And have been since the late 1970s.

iestyn said...

My my Dave - The Illuminati want you and all of us to join and become famous!!