Sunday, 24 January 2016

Neal Adams, Niagra Falls & Other Forces Of Nature

Josh Adams, Marilyn Adams, Neal Adams & Dave Sim, 2006


Jeff Seiler said...

Best issue of Following Cerebus. Ever.

BTW, I still have the postcard Dave sent me from Niagara Falls the day before he was to meet up with Neal et familia.

crazyyears said...

"Best issue of Following Cerebus. Ever."
I agree. I was so taken with it that I put that issue in front of Neil Adams at C2E2 two years ago. He signed it (along with my copy of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali) for me and we talked about Dave for a few minutes. At one point Neil made that twirly-finger motion at the side of his head. I suppose that might have been in reference to me....
--- Michael Hunt