Friday, 10 November 2017

Vacancy -- AMOC Editor-in-Chief -- Apply Within!

Cerebus #300 (March 2004)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard

(via fax, 8 November 2017)
Hi Dave. I appreciate that my timing isn't great given you are in the middle of the Kickstarter for Cerebus Archive 7, but I wanted to give you as much notice as possible of my decision to (reluctantly) wind down my involvement with 'A Moment Of Cerebus'.

I have really enjoyed working on AMOC over the last 6 years and I sincerely hope that it has helped in some small way to help promote Cerebus and your work, but... I'll be starting a new job soon. It's a big deal for me (promotion, more responsibility -- and stress!) and I really need to be focused on that 100%.

Could you give some thought as to what you would like to do with AMOC in the future?

One option is that you simply make AMOC your own official web-site and have Dave Fisher run it under your supervision. Alternatively, I could put out a request on the blog for another fan to take it over, but that route has obvious risks attached.

I'll keep the wheels on everything until after the Kickstarter campaign, but it would be good to hand AMOC over to somebody soon after that.

Be in no doubt that I will always have the deepest respect and admiration for your work and integrity.

Kind regards,

(via fax, 8 November 2017)
Hi Tim. Congratulations on your new job!

I would suggest that you do a post to AMOC explaining what, exactly is involved in running the website. Be brutally honest about what the impact on your life has been. Has it gotten easier? Are there easier ways to do it? Are there pluses to it and what are they? What personality type is needed? See who's interested on that basis.

Fisher isn't a possibility right now with the volume of work needed to get the Cerebus Archive ready for when I'm dead and I want to maintain an arm's length relationship to AMOC. An official website leads to too many potential legal problems down the line and the impression that this is how you can get ahold of Dave Sim.

Let me know what you come up with and congratulations again!



The Role:
Assuming the goal remains to provide daily AMOC content to promote awareness of "Cerebus", the main time-consuming challenge is being able to generate ideas and blog content for 4 days a week (Dave, Margaret and Sean currently provide the other 3 days content). Additionally, there is a need to 'own' the AMOC site (eg updating the right-hand side-bar every so often, quietly fixing errors in the background, adding links as necessary etc). Also, the associated Twitter feed takes a little work too if it's potential is to be maximised.

Skills Required:
While Blogger itself is pretty user-friendly, a beginner's knowledge of HTML code would be helpful. The ability to manipulate / optimise images for the web (via Photoshop, Fireworks or similar) is pretty essential. An ability to spell correctly, while helpful, is not essential I find (!).  Saint-like patience, good inter-personal skills and the ability to ignore emails without feeling guilty are all useful life skills which will be tested to the full.

The Ideal Candidate:
The position would ideally suit a borderline-obsessive personality type, looking to fill a void in their life.

None to speak of really (other than the satisfaction of "doing a good deed for Dave"). No fame. No fortune. It literally is 'a thankless job' where you are guaranteed to please pretty much nobody. It'll probably get harder over time as you alienate one-by-one the very fans it is designed for. You will soon begin to question your own sanity and regularly ponder how your life went so badly wrong.

Interested candidates are invited to make their 'pitch' in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for a great site! This and cerebusfangirl are great resources for Cerebus, Dave Sim etc.

I appreciate all the effort you put in, resulting in an well laid out page filled with information and images that's easy on the eyes.

Thanks again for your hard work and good luck with your new job!

A Fake Name

trail of bread said...

Thanks, and no thanks. Thanks for doing this so well. And No thanks - I wouldn't want to do it. I hope someone does.

Good luck with the new job.

somercet said...

Gratz on the new job, dude, and thanks for all the AMOC updates over the years. Good job.

Steve said...

Tim -

All of us are quite grateful for the hours (and years!) you've put into this site, and Thank You is hardly enough of a show of gratitude, but will have to suffice.

I hope the new job proves to be very fulfilling and that you're quickly able to get up to speed on the new challenges and responsibilities you're taking on.

Cerebus and AMOC is fun, but the real life of work and wages and professional goals is profoundly more necessary.

Godspeed, and keep in touch!


Lee Thacker said...

Thanks for everything you've done with this site, Tim - you will be missed. I love the 'Chris Ware' tone in some of those 'requirements', especially "You will soon begin to question your own sanity and regularly ponder how your life went so badly wrong." Made me laugh out loud! Good luck in your new job.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Thanks Lee (and everyone else). I am currently reading Chris Ware’s new book ‘Monograph’ (highly recommended BTW) and I must have been subconsciously influenced by that!

Tim P said...

Congrats on the new job. AMOC has been great since inception for me as a reader, although I'm sure it's tested your sanity at times. Wish you well for the future.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Hi Tim!

Uh...I'm probably almost completely unqualified for the job, but I guess if nobody else wants to step up, I'll throw my small metal helmet in the ring.

Matt Dow
(If there's an election for this, I'm voting for Lord Julius's goat...)

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Matt,
Drop me an email and let’s talk: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com

Jeff said...

Oh, no! Matt Dow as moderator? I'll never get another comment posted again!!



George Peter Gatsis said...


I'll take over if its okay with you two.

George Peter Gatsis

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

George, you got my vote.

Matt Dow

Erick said...

I too offer my congratulations and best wished as you move on to your new endeavor.
You did an outstanding job on this site. We may have not seen eye to eye on everything, but i never once doubted your integrity or commitment to helping the rest of the world realize the greatness of Cerebus.

Good luck


Eddie said...

Congratulations Tim, and THANK YOU for all your relentless hard work and help over the years. You really did an incredible job providing a daily internet presence for all things Dave Sim and Cerebus related, and we all owe you BIG TIME.

Well done, sir, and, once again, congratulations and good luck with the new job (insert standing ovation and applause).

Glen said...

I nominate Margaret if she's interested.

She is the original Cerebusfangirl.

Barry Deutsch said...

Hi Tim!

I want to join the chorus - Thanks for the many years of enjoyment you've given me and many other Cerebus fans. I hope your new job works out wonderfully.


Christian said...

Hi Tim,

I'm not applying for the position, I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on the site over the years!
Congratulations on the new job and I wish you all the best!


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

I've been out of town for the weekend and am just catching up on the posts here. I'd like to add my thanks to Tim W. for his work in curating the blog here, and wish him all the best with his new opportunity. I hope he will continue to enjoy this blog as reader and commenter.

-- Damian

Tony Dunlop said...

Yeah, Tim, now you can join us here in the peanut gallery. It's as much fun as it looks.