Saturday, 10 March 2018

A Podcast and Seiler's box walk into a bar...

Hi Everybody!

Boy howdy the Ol' AMOC mailbag gets some neat stuff...
This is pretty much what happens every time I check  

Like THIS:

Dave Sim suggested I get in contact with Matt Dow of this site.

I recorded an episode with Mr. Sim a couple of weeks ago for my Podcast called Not So Boring Conversations. Mr. Sim suggested that I let you know when the episode is posted he thought you may want to post it to your site.

The episode can be found here

Thank you for your time,
I've listened to it already, and it's pretty sweet. I recommend it, highly!

Also, the Cooti...I mean Seile...I mean "Debbie Does Dalla... no wait, I mean Seiler, sent something in.
This is EXACTLY what happens when I get a missive from Jeff...
Hi, Matt--Since Dave called a coupla days ago and updated me on the status of several projects, and informed me that, no, he wasn't mad at me, I thought another piece of fake news was in order.  Thus:
DEEP RIVER, ON:  A Moment of Cerebus (AMOC) has learned from a highly-placed source *outside* of The Off-White House, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to not wanting to piss off the *only* highly-placed source *inside* The Off-White House, that there is no news on the Black Boxes.  The current fund-raising auctions have first priority and then the Black Boxes will follow.  Seeking juuust the right amount of glossy black overlay to the cardboard has, apparently, proven to be difficult.
The highly-placed source (and we stress) *outside* of The Off-White House, who (say it with me) spoke on the condition of anonymity due to not wanting to further piss off the *only* highly-placed source *inside* The Off-White House, went on to add that there is a new (gasp!) Secret Project in the works that will show up after the Black Box project.More, later.  Back to you, Jane.
Regards,Jeff Seiler 

So, there you go. More from our "anonymous" source. CRAP! It was supposed to be "anonymous". Forget I said it was from Jeff. (It'll be our *little* secret.)

Next Time: "Say Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"


Jeff said...

That is a GREAT podcast. Thanks to Jay for letting Dave speak for himself. Matt should ask Jay to put up another podcast with all of the excerpts from that phone call, eh?

Anonymous said...

For the record, according to an anonymous source who asked to speak off the record because...well, you know..., Seiler has a reputation to try to, as it were, maintain...


(Off the record), Deep River, who continues to try to speak on the condition of anonymity because...well, you know...would like it to be known (on the record) that he/she/and or it is/ *neither* the anonymous source *INSIDE*, nor *OUTSIDE* of The Off-White House...

That guy? The one who's leaking like a...water-damaged comics long-box? He's REALLY gotta go. He's the one who keeps on lurking in the...well, there are no bushes... He's the one who keeps on politely knocking on the front door, even though there's a small post-it sticker that says "come 'round back, eh?"--that's not Shecky.

Seiler got the wrong Effin' address and showed up a half-hour late.

But still gotta use the loo. Standin' up. You know. Like we guys do. Truly and always, eh?

As we're also well and truly ignoring the small talk that rings in our earpans while we are trying to focus on the yearling hiding in the bush about...200... yards away. We ignore the voices around us.

So. Many. Voices.

Around us.

We have to wake ourselves up.

It is a good thing, this *ZAAAP* finding of animals who don't want to be found. They *ZAAAP* are so much more at home here, in their savannah, when they think they aren't being chased. And that is a good and true thing.


It was a year later when the True and Good Cerebites found that, though they could not come to a true and unanimous vote, they, nevertheless and notwithstanding, decided that Fake Hemingway (he of the decidedly less-than-average Fake Hemingway writing chops--even though he had a kick-ass Fake Hemingway beard and a *really* kick-ass collar-turned-up-wool-sweater-that-really-nicely-framed-his-Fake-Hemingway-just-right-trimmed-beard...[pause, suck in some air...]) was not capable of being true nor untrue to them. "They" are Papa and whatever he chose about which to which he chose to

"And then, much as they had done during the newspaper years, the fields (and, the pages) closed themselves off to me, as those wonderful, horrible, murderous, innocent Cerebites told me, insofar as they could, that I was no longer needed there."

Oh, man!

Bad writing is chanelling me now.

Look out bad AMOC Comment writers; look out ye olde Aardvark Comment letter writers!

He's baaa-aaaack!

IIIIII'M baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!