Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Cerebus in Hell? 2018 Checklist

 Benjamin Hobbs:

Welcome to the brand new Wednesday column: CEREBUS and HOBBS!  I'd like to say a special thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions for the column's name. And an even BIGGER thanks to Travis Pelkie for suggesting the name that I actually went with.  Thanks Travis!

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting an overview of the current status of CIH? At the moment, Dave Sim has written issues through mid 2019, and David Birdsong and myself are in the midst of lettering and compositing the early 2019 issues. (Dave Sim has a bit of a lead on us.)

This week we'll be looking at the 2018 releases. (Note, covers may not be final versions.)

By now everyone should have WATCHVARK and THE AMAZING CEREBUS in their hands.

Coming out this month is WORLD'S FINITE CEREBUS:

April will see the release of LOVE AND AARDVARKS, in May THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS arrives and then in June, THE UN-BEDABLE VARK.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA CEREBI will be out in July, featuring 10 PAGES of ALL NEW content. NICK CALM, AGENT OF C.O.D.P.I.E.C.E. hits in August.  September sees the release of CRISIS OF INFINITE CEREBI, which has OVER 10 pages of ALL NEW content.

 Rounding out the year will be THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY CEREBI in October (OVER 10 pages of NEW content!). CERBERUS IN HELL? arrives in stores in November. In December the first issue of CIH? with ALL NEW content (that means no more @#$% reprints!) arrives... CANADIAN VARK!

What an exciting year ahead! And to keep track of all the amazing titles coming out, you can print out this checklist and hang it above your bed, so every night as you go to sleep you'll be thinking of all the Cerebus goodness headed your way.

Next week: A peek into the year 2019.


As promised, the "watch out for falling aardvarks" sign!



Anonymous said...

"peak?", asks Dictionary Lad, who is very happy to see all of these first edition pun-ishable comics to come.

You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves.

David Birdsong said...
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Travis Pelkie said...

Dictionary Lad is in a fit of pique, it seems ;)

Happy to have contributed the title, especially when that sweet logo accompanies it! Nice.

So, in case you missed it, I also suggested a possible cover homage with "Stray Aardvarks" a la "Stray Bullets 2". As a possibility, of course. Looks like it would be a LONG way down the road, but hey, glad that the one shots are doing well enough to continue with!

Tim p said...

Is there still going to be CIH? 1 on free comic book day? Or did I dream that? It’s not mentioned on the FCC’s website.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I fixed the order of TMNC, Nick Calm, and Crisis. No need to thank me, just leave the envelope full of cash in the inbox on my desk.

Interim-Editor Matt
(I fixed the "Peak" issue too. Mostly to make Dictionary Lad look like a chump.)

Travis Pelkie said...

Like he needs help... ;)

Benjamin H said...

David- THE AMAZING CEREBUS was on the shelf of my LCS last week. So maybe Sean just needs to update the jingle to be something like "On the last Wednesday of every month unless you're ordering by mail, and then it will be the Tuesday after the last Wednesday of every month."

As far as I know we're still on track for the books to be out on the last Wednesday of every month.

Travis- Glad you like the logo! I DID notice the "Stray Aardvarks" comment last week! Thanks!

Tim P.- HMM...that's a very good question. I'll have to ask Dave and get back to you on that.

Matt-I'd say thanks...but you told me not to. So... I'll just find the "post" button now.

Sean R said...

There won't be a FCBD CIH this year. They want the submissions almost a year in advance so we missed this last deadline. Possibly a $0.99 bonus at some point in the future??

Cory Foster said...

This is very handy, thank you