Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sneaky previews...

Hi, Everybody!

With the Auctionings:
And as always, check for bonecrusher86 on the eBays if I missed something. (To date, I have not.)

So, what else do I got for you guys today?

Remember Last week's Weekly Update?

Dave talked about two upcoming Cerebus In Hell? one-shots.

And your pal and mine David Birdsong sent in this:
Left copyright DC, right copyright AV

Left, right: copyright DC, AV, OK?

Nice, right?
Next time: Wanna see the mole on my back that looks like Lord Julius in a dress?


Eddie said...

Those are freakin’ awesome! Especially the House of Cerebus one. Nice work

Michael Ragiel said...

Double frickin' cool.

Travis Pelkie said...

Is this new art on those covers? Sweet (either way).

The only thing I might suggest would be making one of the bottles on Jaka's shelf a Cerebus-shaped one, but it works fine without.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Look closer. That's Jaka from a Minds cover, and Vark Thing looks SURPRISINGLY familiar on both covers.


P said...

So does the edge of Jaka's mirror. Isn't that a grey, pointy ear at the top of it?

Lee Thacker said...

Great stuff! To replace the 'Wrightson' signature, you could put 'Wrong - ah say - wrong, son.' Or not...

Carson Grubaugh said...

Perfect! LOL