Wednesday, 21 March 2018

IRON MANTICORE...Coming September 2019!

Benjamin Hobbs:

The next issue of CIH? that Dave will be writing is IRON MANTICORE: DEMON IN A BOTTLE.  Here's a sneak peek at the cover of that issue:

The printed version of this cover is sure to look different.

Look for it in stores September 2019!

Next week: A longer post that wasn't written at the literal eleventh hour?  Let's hope!


Eddie said...

I don't know why, but the Iron Manticore mask really cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Decomposed (decomposted) demon flesh in the bottle is hilarious. "Do you REALLY want to drink small bits of demon flesh?"

"Um," says Cerebus, or I, "what do the tiny nuggetts taste like? Potatoes; perhaps?!?"

Sadly, Cerebus moved on. As I may infer, the bat (wings) REALLY need a sauce of some kind.

Remoulade, perhaps?

Or, (just thinkin' out loud here), *could* those bat (wings) be marinated in a nice, insouciant, white wine ("whine") sauce for about two hours, in a fridge set to's see...(I had it here a minute ago), um...

Oh, yeah! Got it!!! 33° F.

My headquarters guy, Screwtape? You remember him, right? The little, scrawny guy who was always screwin' with Mr. Lewis and apologizing aferwards? He says that he just puts the toggle switch at 1,000-C, and then just let's it do it's justice (or, well, sometimes, privately, he says that he's not sure it will.)

Me, I'd go for around...(let's see here...the oven knob is around here somwhere...) um, um...For all of Life EVER-LASTING. It gets waaaaay hotter before it gets cooler

*Not* interviewing Eisner on the eve or on the day of the auction, and they were *certainly* NOT just prior to the announcement of the artist.
Referring, I think, to the Cerebus/Spirit crossover. Or, the piece of tracing paper for that scene, pencilled by you, that you asked him to sign.

Sean R said...

Wait till you read the issue, Eddie. Hilarious! Painfully funny.

Coming soon (? Sept 2019) to a Future Robot-Operated Local Comic Store Near You!

Eddie said...

Given the fact my LCS is having a massive sale to try and stay in business, and I just heard that Meltdown comics in LA is closing as well, it seems like that Robot-Operated LCS actually might end up happening.

Anyone else's LCS having financial issues these days?