Friday, 30 March 2018

Re-mastered Minds now viable!! (Dave's Weekly Update #228)

Hi, Everybody!

Holy crap do I got a lotta stuff here:

And as always, check for bonecrusher86 on the eBays if I missed something. (It's possible, I'm a busy guy...)

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Here's a list of what remasters are available currently (with Star codes):

Also, Dave wanted me to post this:
Which is in reference to:
So, since Dave says we can make up whatever story we want for why he doesn't "do" signings or conventions, I'm going with: Dave thinks that guy might REALLY be Batman, and Dave don't truck with caped vigilantes since reading Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again...

Next Time: Why Dave won't tug on Superman's cape...


Eddie said...

Hi everyone. Dave asked me to pass along the message that he made a mistake. The sale price for the remastered MINDS is $30

Steve said...

Hey Chris -

I'm in NM too, but not at your address either.

Go figure...


Steve said...

Dave -

While there have been 'more bids' on the CIH? auctions, there's still only 3, 4, or 5 individual bidders. In aggregate there may be 16 bids, but only a few bidders.

Interest is still very paltry - but, income is income, and you gotta shake your money maker while you can.


Michael Grabowski said...

Getting back to SDOAR for the first time in 3 years? Definitely need an update to explain that. (Forthcoming to Patreons, soon, I hope?) I'm guessing he means he's done writing commentaries on all the bunny trails his & Eddie's research has led to, and that he's actually writing new pages for presumably Carson to draw?

Paul Slade said...

I've already ordered a copy of the remastered Minds from my London comics shop, who expect it to arrive on April 25.

Carson Grubaugh said...

An answer to your question from MY point of view:

Dave and I have pretty much brought everything building up to SDOAR as far as we can without Sean, who is on a working vacation illustrating a short graphic novel.

A lot of Dave's time over the last year has been spent revising what Sean and I did on You Don't Know Jack! and building a lead on CIH? Dave also produced a number of advertisements to help promote SDOAR, YDKJ, and IDW's Alex Raymond collections and Heritage Auction's Raymond auctions.

Dave and I also spent a couple of months working on a Heritage Auctions catalog parody, Hermitage Awesomes. All of our art (Yes, Dave also spent time producing a number of drawings for YDKJ #1!) will be auctioned off BEFORE YDKJ comes out. We are hoping Heritage Auctions will do it for us. If not we do it.

There were a couple projects which I THINK are now dead ends, such as a You Don't Know Jack Artist's Edition print portfolio with commentary by myself.

All of this takes quite a while to produce because Sean and I have to produce what we consider finished products, have them printed for Dave who chops them all up, faxes us corrections back, and we make another version. This goes on until Dave gets a print he is okay with. Knowing revisions are coming regardless, Sean and I tend to work loose on the first version, which gives Dave a lot of work to do, but in the end it looks more "Dave Sim" because of it.

I the middle of all of this I produced a a very personal 11 page comic that I needed to get out of my system. I am currently talking to a publisher about getting it into a book.

Moving forward:

When Sean gets back (in May?) he will need to apply all of Dave's revisions to YDKJ! and SDOAR, adjust them for print, etc.

Once we have high quality prototypes for everything Dave will go to IDW and Heritage Auctions to see who wants to be involved with what and start firming up release dates.

I need to PAINT a cover for SDOAR V.1, which will take a while, and draw a cover for YDKJ 2.

There is also a five-page MYSTERY PROJECT I am doing with a SUPER-SPECIAL-MYSTERY-COLLABORATOR, that is going to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks!!!!!!

So, everything that needs to be done for the release is currently in hands other than Dave's and he seems VERY happy to finally be back to work on SDOAR.

Hope that is a beefy enough update! I also hope it is all accurate :/

ChrisW said...

Dave, I'm still there. I don't know what the Post Office is doing with it. I don't check my snailmail box all that often since it's usually just ads and bills that have already been automatically paid online. Orders from Amazon are just left in front of my doorstep. [Which is stupid and I've had stuff stolen.]