Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The BIG Tease... Cerebus in Hell? in 2019!

Benjamin Hobbs:

This week we'll be looking at some of the issues of CIH? coming out in 2019.  These issues are comprised of ALL NEW material.  No more @#$% reprints!  It's some of Dave's funniest work yet.  The phrase "I prefer the LATER funnier ones" is bound to become common in years to come.

Note: This is a tentative schedule.  The final cover images will almost definitely look different from these.

January:  Giant-Size Jingles
24 pages of ALL NEW Jingles strips!

February: Sim City
 CIH? "does" Frank Miller! 

March: Sim City:That Issue After
 CIH? is done with Sin City parodies, but are Sin City parodies done with CIH?

April: Super-Cerebus Annual
 The first double size issue of CIH?  48 pages! WOW!  

May: Cerebus Woman
One of the funniest issues to date.  Too bad you have to wait over a year to read it.

The rest of 2019 looks like this (as of this post):

June: The LGBTQ(etc.) People
July: Fornicators Inc.
August: Tales of Sophistication (Dave's currently writing this one.)
September: Iron Manticore (Not yet started.)

Next week: Maybe the rest of the 2019 covers?  Or an EVEN BIGGER tease: covers for issues that haven't  been written yet?!?  Maybe rejected covers?!?  Or something else entirely?!? Find out in seven days!


Jeff said...

I rarely laugh out loud at CIH? (I usually just chuckle, soto voce), but THE NOT-SO-SECRET ORIGINS OF JINGLES definitely made me LOL.

Heh. Will somebody get that bitch some kibbles?

Gary Boyarski said...

Looks great you guys! I'm going to have to jump in and throw a few more cover idea's Dave's way. I've got one or two gestating in my brain right now! whom do I talk to about getting some full size Cerebus images to play around with for these cover parodies?

JLH said...

I like the use of ensuring Cerebus is named on the cover regularly, finally.

Anonymous said...

Gary, "to whom do I speak about...".

Says Grammar Lord Asshole. ;)