Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The New AMOC, and YOU!

Hi, Everybody!

Let's see, what do we have today...

"Sean Michael Robinson has passed on..."

Everyone here at A Moment of Cerebus offer our thoughts and prayers to Sean's family in this, their time of sorrow. Sean was a loving father, and husband. A dedicated artist and...



Oh, "Sean Michael Robinson has passed on... the duties of posting on Wednesdays to Benjamin Hobbs."

Sorry, my bad.

Anyway, as a welcome to Ben, I thought I'd show some work he did for me that I'll probably never use.

Back when I took this gig, Dave Sim suggested:
"In terms of "feeding the Daily Beast", a snake eating its tail is always going to be the best solution so I would suggest AMOC's own history: begin reprinting the AMOC posts from the beginning on the -- I think, safe •• assumption that no one remembers 1/10th of them and none of them with any specificity. Which means each post effectively fulfills both its "then mandate" -- here"s an interesting Moment from the History of CEREBUS -- as well as a binary "now mandate" •• here"s an interesting Moment from the History of AMOC. Particularly if TimW is willing to comment from time to time about whatever he remembers going on when he did that post."
Which gave me an idea for a "Best of AMOC" logo, but I needed to figure out what title to use: A Moment of Ourborous, or An Ourborous of Cerebus?

So I asked Sean Robinson to whip up something involving the old "Tim W's AMOC" logo.

And he passed it of to Ben:
Look at 'em! Aren't they a couple of beauties?

Next Time: Ben. It's Wednesday, so that means it's Ben...


Carson Grubaugh said...

My heart went into my throat for a second, "OMG, he just had a kid! WTF!?" Jeeeezzzuz.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Again, sorry. Again, my bad.


Travis Pelkie said...

I'm not saying that I'll manipulate the top part of the logos to make it look like Cerebus is suckin' dick...

...but I'm not saying that I WON'T do it, either.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

"nyam nyam NOW nyam slurp CEREBUS nyam slurp KNOWS nyam slurp slurp CEREBUS nyam slurp IS slurp nyam IN slurp slurp HELL nyam nyam slurp"

Michael said...

How about letting Jeff post his correspondence with Dave.

Tony Dunlop said...

Nothing's stopping him, Michael...it's a big Internet.