Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Ol' AMOC Mailbag: Letters, Letters, Letters

Hi, Everybody!

First up:
Give all your hickies to the Living Tari...er, Dave and Dave. (And I mean, your money. I don't think Dave or Dave want your hickeys...):
CAN7 Cerebus Archive Portfolio No. 7 -- Edition #136/175 ("FLIGHT")

Second up:

I was going through a box of correspondence and came across the attached. Please feel free to use it in whole or in part. No need to obscure the address--I haven't lived there in 14 years.

Mitch Grady
I have a letter like this too. It'll be in a future Cerebus In Matt's Life.

 Thanks Mitch!

Third up: Michael Hoskin sent in:
Messner-Loebs is in the news today, an article that talks about how he's

As his work appeared in Cerebus, perhaps the blog could post something
about him?
Sure: It's a good article, about a bad situation. At the end they say:
Bill and Nadine Messner-Loebs have been helped by the Severe Weather Network. There are currently no county-run homeless shelters in Livingston County, making the program the only emergency housing option in the area. CLICK HERE to check out their GoFundMe page.
If you’re able and willing to offer some assistance to Bill, email fox2newsdesk@foxtv.com

I actually met Bill at S.P.A.C.E.: The Small Press Alternative Comics Expo a few years ago.

If you can help, please do.

Okay, now to work on Saturday's article...

Next Time: Ben and Cerebus In Hell?, Margaret and a notebook, Dave and the Weekly Update, and then... I dunno, something with a kid in a bunnysuit probably...


David Birdsong said...
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ChrisW said...

I keep forgetting that there was another Cerebite in Lincoln. Larry of Trade-A-Tape even pointed out his letters printed in "Glamourpuss." And 10th and G was barely more than half a mile from my apartment 14 years ago.

whc03grady said...

Musta been three in Lincoln then, because I never read an issue of Glamourpuss, let alone had a letter in it.
Though Trade-a-Tape held a copy of Cerebus for me from about 140 to the end.

ChrisW said...

There are two other Cerebites in Lincoln? :O