Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Benjamin Hobbs:

Greetings!  First off, a quick reminder:  WORLD'S FINITE CEREBUS should be in stores today!  (It IS the last Wednesday of the month after all.) Pick up your copy (copies?) (copies!) today!

Some bars have a three drink minimum, LCSs should have a 3 WORLD'S FINITE CEREBUS minimum.

In the weekly update for February 9th, Dave mentioned that I had drawn three new Batvark figures for CIH?  "How did these come about?" I hear the collective AMOC readership asking.  Read on to find out!

There are THREE Cerebus figures and only ONE Batvark in CIH?.  This struck me as WILDLY unfair to Batvark.  It seemed there was some sort of Bat-based discrimination afoot.  So I decided to correct this injustice. 

Here we have the original standing Cerebus and the original Batvark figure.  Since the original Batvark is in the standing pose, there was no need to create another one. Obviously.

The first new Batvark is ATTACK POSE Batvark.  Dave has asked that the hat be flying off his head, to add comic effect to the figure's anger.  I have yet to make this adjustment since it will entail drawing a new hat at a different angle.  I'm sure there will be a post to celebrate the newly drawn hat when it is done. 

Next up, there's YELLING POSE Batvark.  As you can see, he's yelling.  Probably words.  Possibly just gurgled sounds. 

And lastly, there's FLYING POSE Batvark. He's the least likely to be used, since mild manner FLYING POSE Cerebus is ACTUALLY Super-Cerebus, and Batvark has no alter ego. 

Because we're SOOOO far ahead these figures probably won't show up in the comic until late 2019 or early 2020 at the earliest. 

Next week: ATTACK POSE Batvark's new Hat! 


Carson Grubaugh said...

SO GOOD!! Spot on!

Benjamin H said...

Thanks Carson! Glad you like the new Batvarks!

Sean R said...

SPOT ON, BH!You're killing it.

Anonymous said...

Those look great.

When are we going to see the first paperback of CiH?
Bob Oldman