Friday, 9 March 2018

Sneak-peak Cerebus Archive stacks (Dave's Weekly Update #225)

Hi, Everybody!

And as always, check for bonecrusher86 on the eBays if I missed something.

Heeeeeere's Dave:


Jeff said...

I've got letters in a whole bunch of those boxes. How 'bout you guys? Any guesses as to which box/es your letter/s are in?

David Birdsong said...

You know what makes me feel old? Well, since you asked... I’ve been writing to Dave since 1988. That means we’re celebrating 30 years of correspondence. Wow.

Since Dave mentioned THE HOUSE OF CEREBUS and VARK THING covers I’ll send them over to Mattto show everyone. They aren’t completely done, but almost everybody likes sneak previews.