Friday, 25 May 2018

Circle your calendar THURSDAY, JUNE 7TH!!! (Dave's Weekly Update #236)

Hi, Everybody!

So, back on Tuesday, I instituted a new contest:
I seem to recall there's a scene with a disembodied skull in a hood with a metal bikini. Anybody remember where that's from? First person to give me volume, page and panel wins "AMOC Special Friend of the Day" status and a special mention on Friday's post.
And the winner entry is Jimmy Gownley, with
Look man... I'm on a tight deadline here. I got two more books coming out from Disney this year and a 300 page brick due at Scholastic. AND that's not even the main thing I'm working on!

So I don't have the TIME to tell you that its Going Home (Vol. 13) Page 277 panel one.

(And yes, this was just a blatant and obnoxious self-promotion, but the info is correct ;)

So Jimmy is our very first: "AMOC Special Friend of the Day":
Congratulations Jimmy, you're now an Official AMOC "Inside People"!
Suitable for framing...

Heeeeeere's Dave (From last week, now corrected with the glitch fixed.):

And here's THIS WEEK'S update:

Here's the link for WHERE the auctions are, not WHAT the auctions are. (Sorry, I can't find links to the items, but I'll post them when I get 'em...) Remember, JUNE 7TH, 8PM a THURSDAY. Bring money! so much money...

Next time: Some stupid crap. Is it June 7th yet?!?


Margaret said...

Nicely done Jimmy! I was scratching my head on that one.

And yay! I loved seeing the life size Cerebus standee being delivered to Escape Pod Comics. It's so big!

mike r said...

Hi Margaret!
Imagine having 2 in your basement. Lol. Super lucky on getting the original one at Comic Book Jones at the film shoot. Owen Kline and cast were tremendous to my wife, Graceand myself. The one I have is personalized by Owen.

Steve said...

So why the move away from running the auctions on eBay?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I believe Fisher has stopped working for Dave, and so Dave needs a site that does the auctions for you.

I believe.

I don't know for sure.


Jeff said...

I actually recommended ComicLink to Dave, back when he contacted me about the Black Boxes. I told him that, as a bidder at both Heritage Auctions (HA) and ComicLink, I far more preferred the latter company.


Because HA charges winning bidders a 19% Buyer's Premium, plus tax and S&H charges, thereby making your winning bid of (say) $200 an actual cost of more than $250. AND, significantly, HA auctions off more shit than you can possibly imagine: comics, comic art, books, autographed First Editions, fine wines (they say winning bidders for fine wines can expect a 30 day wait to receive them), cars, paintings, and, yes, houses. Yes. Estates. (Imagine the wait to receive an estate in the mail. Or, the hernia the delivery guy gets!)

Guess where comic books rank on HA's hierarchy of customer's needs? Or, how much HA cares about that?

ComicLink, on the other hand, charges a Buyer's Premium of just 3%, plus tax and S&H. Obviously, that is a huge difference that the regular bidder will recognize. Plus, by definition, ComicLink specializes in just: CGC comic books (I usually bid on only 9.8s), original comic book art (covers and interior pages), and, occasionally, original comic strip (newspapers) art pages. I think I've seen some very select collected works or limited edition, high-end reprints of comic strips.

It will be interesting to see what Dave puts up there and what the response will be. As an aside, ComicLink usually ships more quickly than does HA, but third-party shippers do factor into the equation. Dave usually ships very quickly.

Oh, and, HA? Try putting in a fair maximum bid on something you really want and then seeing your maximum bid "win" the auction, except. Except that, after the six-day auction, there is a "live auction", wherein the lions with the really big bucks wake up and outbid you at the last minute. Wanna get in on the "live auction"? Good luck! It's rigged for the Big Guys. I've tried, to no avail.

Sometimes, I win the regular auction, but only because the big guys bid me up and I overbid. Try $895 for New Mutants #98, in a CGC of 9.8--try that on for size. There better be at least five Deadpool movies as good or better than the first one.

By contrast, when the stated end of an auction at ComicLink ends, it ends. So, if no one snipes you in the last 20 seconds, which happens, you know that you won.

For once (well, maybe twice or a few times [after all, he mostly adheres to my proofreading]), Dave took my advice and followed it.

You're welcome, future bidders! Good fucking, whaddayacallit, LUCK!