Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Aardvark-Vanaheim Succession Plan: PART 1

Hi, Everybody!

So Eddie Khanna sent in this:
Hi Matt! 

I'm sending the initial fax Dave sent to me regarding becoming his successor to the position of President of Aardvark-Vanaheim, and how he would like things to proceed after his death. 

He says the fax should be posted to AMOC at the time of his passing, but I think it important to have it posted up there now so there are no surprises down the road (although I think anyone who has been reading Dave for all these years won't really be surprised by any of it). 

Part of my intention in doing this is to also provide a better understanding to everyone (including myself) what being in the position might and will entail when the time comes, especially since Cerebus and all things Dave Sim related are currently being kept alive only by a small number of dedicated readers and fans (a number which I assume is only going to decrease as the years go by, and the number of first generation Cerebus fans who were there in the beginning and experienced it being created, month by month over 26 years, begins to shrink). Which begs the most obvious question: How to keep Aardvark-Vanaheim going after Dave passes, in accordance with Dave's Final Will and Wishes? Where does one even start to prepare for such a role?

I have some rough ideas of where to begin, but as usual with all things Cerebus-related, this is uncharted territory, and I'm curious what the AMOC readership would do in my position. Say you suddenly found yourself in the situation of inheriting Aardvark-Vanaheim: Where would you start in preparing to take over as President? How would you go about getting ready to take on such a massive role and responsibility? What would you do if you were in my shoes? 

Thanks as always, Matt, to stepping up to the plate as AMOC "Interim Editor" (and thanks to Tim for creating it in the first place!), and helping to provide an on-line presence for all things Cerebus and Dave Sim related. It's obvious AMOC plays a vital role in helping to keep the train rolling, and hopefully will always continue to do so. 


My response to Eddie went thusly:
As far as what I'd do in your shoes and Dave becomes Aardvark Vanaheim's First Ex-President? 

Crap my pants and panic.

Does Cerebus still go into the public domain? So that you have to compete with every Tom, Dick, and Seiler printing their own phone books and keeping cash out of AV's coffers?

What if the marketplace meets the saturation point for how much Cerebus it can absorb?

Do you keep printing new Cerebus In Hell? Books if there are still some left in inventory? Do you start writing your own Cerebus In Hell? Books?

Do you colorize Cerebus to beat out Seiler's marketshare? (I would...)

I mean, it IS alot to absorb. But the good news is that while Dave is packed and ready to go, my grandma was too at age 60. She lived another 31 years and died at 91. If Dave tracks the same way, you'll have 30 years to prepare for him to, "join the choir Eternal" (as Monty Python put it). 

I'd ask ALOT of questions. ALOT. Because the stupidest question is the one you don't ask...

Your welcome, as always. Running AMOC is... it's own unique headache. I'm pretty sure it's nothing compared to running the big show. Anything I can do to help, let me know,

So here's the fax, I've commented  on the individual pages as I saw fit:

"Feed the Poor", "Pay Ger", not bad for priorities. Although I laughed at "There are very few points of intersection between religion and Aardvark-Vanaheim".

I know that last full paragraph is gonna be all anybody talks about in the comments. I just know it. Let me just say, before the shitstorm starts, that I can SEE where Dave is coming from, but seeing his point, and agreeing with his point are not the same things. 

I want a wrought iron Cerebus. And Elrod! (I bet Seiler's good for buying the wrought iron Jaka in dancing costume...)

I have referred to Dave as my friend on a number of occasions when explaining my relationship to him just wasn't worth the time or effort. My wife's aunt doesn't care who Dave is, she just wants to know why there's a drawing of a  little aardvark penis framed on my wall...

Good advice, good advice. I'll have to warn MY successors about NOT opening any e-mails titled "Dave's Autopsy Pics" after they've eaten a big meal. My successor will be taking over about two minutes after I receive an e-mail titled, "Dave's Autopsy Pics"...

"I always "low-ball" it" being the reason the Kickstarter money never seems to be enough. In my opinion. Remember, I'm the schmuck who thought taking a gig with "Dave's Autopsy Photos" in the future was a GOOD idea... *sigh*

That's my plan. When I croak, all my Cerebus stuff goes BACK to Kitchener. I encourage everyone of you to do the same. (The plan was that I got Seiler's stuff when HE croaks, and then it goes to the Off-White House. I'll let HIM show up in the comments and tell you why that's not gonna happen...)

Tarzan is good, but The Yellow Kid is the one that keeps coming to my mind. We all know The Yellow kid, but how many of us have actually read a collection? Is there even a collection? When was the last time you even THOUGHT of The Yellow Kid? Hop-Along Cassidy is another. There was a time when Hop-Along Cassidy was a Big Deal. Hop-Along Cassidy merchandise was valuable. You could make bank with Hop-Along Cassidy. Now? Hop-Along Cassidy has sauntered down the trail and all his fans are dead. And his merch is dirt cheap. There is a window of opportunity that you have to be aware of. I mean I have almost every single Masters of the Universe action figure. But at a certain point, barring a major development Masters of the Universe-wise, they're just old toys. And eventually, they're gonna be old crap. That nobody cares about. I mean, Dave "shuffles loose this Mortal Coil", and Eddie takes the oath. Then what? The series will have ended how many decades before? I mean, with the proper exploitation, Cerebus COULD be another Tarzan. I hope it will be another Tarzan, but there is always the possibility that it'll be another The Yellow Kid...

When I first read the succession list, the Vainglorious Egotistical part of me wondered where I was on the list. And the sensible part answered, "hopefully near the bottom, or not even on the God damn thing! You really want to 'multiply your sorrows' that much?"

My advise to Dave about the "identifying Archive items" is the same: take the video camera, hold up the item, describe what it is in as much detail as possible, then pick up the next item. That way we have a digital record that could eventually be used to create a virtual tour of the Archive. And Dave doesn't have to sit at the typewriter for weeks on end typing it all up.

"Say Eddie, why EXACTLY did A/V NEED an "Executive Massaging Lounger with cupholders, heated footrest, wi-fi, and bluetooth capabilities?"-Me, from the future

Eddie, get a frickin' website. I'll happily flog Cerebus and A/V here for the rest of my time as Interim Editor (six years or llife, I haven't decided yet...), and I'm sure Margaret and the others will pimp A/V on Facebook. But as Yahoo has gone the way of the dodo, so too will AMOC and the Facebook group. An OFFICIAL A/V website will get you away from having to rely on schmucks like me.
Okay, it's bedtime. I look  forward to all of you guys SERIOUSLY LOSING YOUR SHIT in the comments.

Next Time: Eventually, death. Tomorrow: Ben Hobbs 


David Birdsong said...
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David Birdsong said...
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David Birdsong said...
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Lee Thacker said...

Eddie: ‘He says the fax should be posted to AMOC at the time of his passing, but I think it important to have it posted up there now so there are no surprises down the road (although I think anyone who has been reading Dave for all these years won't really be surprised by any of it).’
Dave: ‘I also intend to mandate that the contents of this fax be made public on A MOMENT OF CEREBUS as close as possible to my actual death.’
I can completely understand Eddie wanting some input from AMOC followers regarding this fax, but isn’t it going against Dave’s intent/wishes? Is Dave okay with this being posted/commented on prior to his death (hopefully a long way off yet)?

Anonymous said...

"Feed the Poor." Things like this, him donating all his money from the Spawn issue to the CBLDF etc. is one reason why I respect the man despite any differences of thought or politics. He sets a good example.

A Fake Name

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

David 1: that's a future "Cerebus in Matt's Life"...

David 2: good points. The whole "Cerebus in the Public Domain" thing really confused me.

David 3: The ONLY reason I say get a website is that this is all ephemral. The Yahoo group has pretty much died. CerebusTV now longer has Dave's active support. He's with AMOC NOW, but who's to say this too won't fade away. If Eddie gives A/V an official website presence, then he can avoid hitching on to falling stars.

Lee: ya, I wrestled with contacting Dave first, but I decided his wishes versus Eddie's request wasn't a fair fight. Dave wanted it posted eventually, and Eddie wanted input now. So if Dave gets pissed, this ones on me...

Fake name: cool.

Current Interim Editor (we'll see what happens after Dave finds out...)

Eddie said...

Hi Guys. Thanks for the quick responses and suggestions. I'll respond more in-depth when I have more time and better accessibility, but regarding the faxes being released ahead of time, my initial understanding and reservations were the same as all of yours; that it was to be released after Dave's death. Dave was the one who suggested releasing his communications, or as much as I felt comfortable doing, once the announcement hit. I faxed him to clarify and make sure he was okay with this. I'll post his comments about it and reasons once I can get access to them.

(the fact that you guys ARE questioning this shows, gratifyingly, I think, there will be an accountability by the fans in terms of "What Dave Would Have Wanted")

Seth Manhammer said...

As mostly a lurker, might I add that I appreciate the transparency something like this provides.

Mr Neutron said...

"join the choir Eternal" (as Monty Python put it).

Pretty sure they didn't.

Lee Thacker said...

The 'choir invisible'!

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Mr. Neutron,

Yeah, they didn't, I dun misremembered.

Thanks Lee,


Eddie said...

From Dave to Eddie:

“..we’re getting close to the announcement of you as my successor so you’ll have a number of choices in front of you soon that you’re going to have to make. Foremost, how much do you want to disclose of what Being The Successor entails? You have all of the communications from me, but they’re YOUR communications far more than they are MY communications. There’s nothing in there that I needed to tell ME. I was — and am— telling YOU. It seems sensible to me that you would want to share those communications in one Massive Document Dump — “THIS is what it’s like!” — or selectively in a “What IS this like?” self-interrogation sense. As soon as the announcement hits, you’re going to stop being A CEREBUS fan and become THE CEREBUS fan with all that involves. And we have no idea what that involves because it’s never happened before. AMOC, is, I think, a good training ground for getting used to what it will be like to take over when you take over. “I’m glad I don’t have to make any hard decisions … yet.” Which allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of discussing what you might do differently from what I’m doing. That’s one area where this succession is different from the British Crown or the U.S. presidency: because the position is completely autocratic there isn’t the necessary constraint against destabilization, The Crown and the President are tightly interwoven into ancient structures of checks and balances, so Prince Charles and Mike Pence (at the moment) are constrained from saying pretty much anything of substance for fear of transgressing The Authority — getting above “their place”. That doesn’t exist here. I do what I think is right. You’ll do what you think is right. [Your successor] will do what they think is right. For that reason alone, discussions on AMOC would be interesting in terms of illustrating the autonomy that is/will be involved. The default position, I’m sure, will be “I’ll do what I think Dave would have want done.” Another argument in favour of open discussion. If someone suggests something and you don’t know "what Dave would have done” about it. Well, Dave is alive. You can just ask him. Which doesn’t limit your own options if what Dave would have done doesn’t sound like the most sensible thing to you.”

Jeff said...

Hmm. No shitstorm, so far. I do think that, Dave, not being a U.S. citizen, was not considering what the (sometimes even stated) intention of the people who erected those statues was. Yes, it was to honor the memory of those great Southern generals (especially Lee). But, it was also a passive-aggressive attempt to remind Southern African-Americans (which many of them literally were, then) of "the old days".

Okay. The shitstorm may now commence.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Eddie. AV will be in good hands.
I also just wanted to quickly thank Dave for even considering me in his list of alternates. Being fourth in line is a huge honour, but with no realistic chance of having to serve, it is perfect!
Tim W.

Jack said...

tl;dr, but I skimmed, and I love how tearing down a statue of Robert E. Lee shows that liberals are barbaric. Waging war against the U.S. government in support of slavery? So far from barbaric that you're entitled to a statue IN THE U.S. AFTER YOUR SIDE LOSES! Tearing down a statue that honors a guy who waged war against the U.S. in support of slavery (and lost)? Barbaric.

Erick said...

It has been along time since I last posted.
I have been an occasional lurker but, life has 'interfered' with my browsing. Funny how when I get a moment to check out the site I happen to come across yet another truly ignorant and tone deaf post from Dave.
Yeah, R.E.L. The last time I agreed with Jeff S. well it resulted in the old shitestorm. But hell, he is 100% correct. The statues of Confederate traitors were erected not to honor, but to intimidate. One freaking minute of a google search would conform that. But no, not for 'just the fax Dave'.
Why do I even bother with this site anymore?
The work will always be great, but the man behind it can go pound salt

Jack said...

I also love, "As if Abraham Lincoln's preternaturally gracious victor's reassurances --- 'and malice toward non, with charity for all' -- from his Second Inaugural Address had some hitherto unsuspected and unstated statue of limitations only liberals were capable of determining." I guess you're right, Dave, and Lincoln's reassurances shouldn't have any statue of limitations. Instead, all Americans, including black people, are morally obligated to demonstrate preternatural graciousness toward dead Confederates until the end of the world because Lincoln said so.

David Birdsong said...
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Tony Dunlop said...

This post is definitely "tl;dr" territory for me, so I wouldn't have known, but for the comments, that our Canadian hero name-dropped that fine Southern gentleman and notorious traitor Robert E. Lee. All I'll add is a recollection of my first real visit to the South (my grandparents retired in Florida, but of course that doesn't count) - an academic conference in North Carolina - and how utterly unprepared I was to see statues to Confederate soldiers and military leaders. Growing up in Minnesota, the Confederacy ranked barely above Nazi Germany in the hierarchy of evils conquered by the good ol' U.S.A.; I remember my blood running, almost literally, cold at the sight. Brrrrr.

Jack said...

No one is denying history, he wasn't making "a metaphorical comparison," I don't need to be reminded by a man of the South that meanings change, and if Dave doesn't want to be slammed, then maybe he shouldn't provide really stupid arguments as to why his ideological opponents are barbaric.

Tony again said...

Oops; barely below Nazi Germany - as in, the Nazis were *slightly* worse. I basically still hold this view.

Anonymous said...

Hey there everyone...



Nothing would change.

I would still manage it... and the money would still go to the same place.
And since Eddie will be in control of the $$$, then all is well.


The videos is ON THE LIST TO PUT UP...
Its just that when SANDEEP left... It kinda went on the bottom of the list, since communicating with Dave by FAX is a VERY slow process.

That's it for now.

OH YEAH... Un-Official Cerebus Plastic Figurine is now available at CerebusDownloads.com
And Sample is heading to Dave next week.
If Dave give is okay... then it will be official.

exit stage left!

George Peter Gatsis

Tony again said...

(Everybody in unison, like when Norm used to come into Cheers:)


Tim W. said...

Nothing would change.
I would still manage it... and the money would still go to the same place.
And since Eddie will be in control of the $$$, then all is well.”

Hi George,
In the interest of complete transparency, I have a question.
Why is the CerebusDownloads.com site stuffed with ads (they look tacky BTW) and does all that ad revenue go to Dave?
Tim W.

David Birdsong said...
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whc03grady said...

Dave can offer up an example of the Left demanding mention of Confederate officers (or the Confederacy in general) be eliminated from history textbooks, and then we can talk about their attempts to rewrite, suppress, or erase history. Until then, he can give me a break. "Honouring the Confederate war dead"...again: give me a break.


whc03grady said...

"after the Civll War the South was beaten down pretty bad. It sucks to be a loser. Lincoln knew this and in his wisdom he did not brag or rub it in, he attempted to bring the country back together."
His wisdom? The wise choice would've been to have every Confederate officer and Confederate congressmen marched to the nearest town square and shot. It's thanks to Lincoln (and after his death, those of like mind) that the South was allowed, for a hundred years, to think they hadn't really lost the War.


David Birdsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What Dave's doing here is pretty unique, maybe there's some other creator out there who is planning on leaving his or her works in a similar state but this is quite interesting and easier to follow than the Biblical commentary; keep those coming though, please.

A Fake Name

Jeff said...

Many, many, MANY Caucasion women who lived below the Mason-Dixon line (which, in itself, by order of the U.S. Congress, somewhat arbitrarily divided slave states and non-slave states [it gets complicated, like most things do]), were married to slave-holders. Many of those men went off to war and were either killed or slow to get back home.

Many, many Confederate soldiers got home too late to defend their actual properties and their wives from either ruin or the eventual destruction of the South, post-war, that came under Lincoln's successor, A. Johnson, during the infamous "Reconstruction".

After some fifty years (well, before that, but after time had allowed a settling [if not perspective]), there were some VERY pissed-off women who called themselves the Daughters of the Confederacy.

They remembered Sherman's "March to the Sea", and they remembered the atrocities (or, "atrocities") committed by the rank and file of Sherman's troops. Essentially, as conquering armies are wont to do, many of those soldiers raped and pillaged.

Fifty some years later, as those raped and pillaged women's daughters had regained collateral (in no small part due to Lincoln's advisement to the country), they had also regained some social and fiscal standing.

So, as the Jim Crow "laws" took effect in the second decade of the 20th century, what do these "Daughters of the Confederacy" do?

They raise money from the remaining second-generation confederates and they commission statues, commemorating their (admmittedly, not for the most part) great, dead, generals and politicians.

By most accounts, Robert E. Lee deserved a statue. He was a great general, who decided to fight for his homeland, Virginia, even though he was initially against secession (treachery). And, dammit, state's rights was a part of the fight. Fight for *your* right to disagree. (Or, partay.) Although, it was mostly about state's rights to adjudicate the propriety of slavery.

BUT, others were decidedly for secession from the git-go, most especially General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who co-founded the KKK, and who, later, actively sought resubjugation of African-Americans.

Today, in some sense, the Civil War still divides our country. Some assert, "It was for states' rights." Others assert, "It was to abolish slavery and free them." The truth is, both views are true. The North had an economy that was diverse and rich, while the South was mainly agrarian. That doesn't excuse the sin of slavery, which allowed for African-Americans being systematically used and abused by the rich people who didn't want to actually...work...for a living, but does explain how human nature (which is usually AWFUL) thought that slavery was a good way to make money without working, except for the occasional workout of giving 40 lashes.

And, then came Reconstruction, which devastasted The South as much or more than the war and Sherman's March did.

And, then came Jim Crow. Which, essentially, resubjugated African-Americans.

It took 100 years+ for most black Americans to feel finally free, but many do not, still today.

I don't think that I need to detail that, for most intelligent, observant people.

"Hello, Police? I think some black people are doing something."

I'm just sayin'.

SEE: The News.

Jack said...

Jeff, being a great general on the pro-slavery side of a war is not an admirable contribution to the world that should be honored with a statue.

David, no, liberals were not trying to rewrite, suppress, or erase history by tearing down the statue, as (1) there is no liberal plot to make people forget that the Civil War happened and (2) historical knowledge is not generally conveyed in statue form. People wanted the statue to be removed because it honored someone who (unlike Jefferson and some other slave-owning historical figures) is primarily known for his violent support of slavery.

If you're really concerned about all of the hairsplitting and nitpicking, maybe this website should be declared a "safe space" for Dave where no one is allowed to argue against any of his socio-political opinions. Another option might be to require any posts that disagree with Dave to begin with some kind of "trigger warning" so you won't have to read them. I can see why people who usually agree with Dave's political opinions would object to the very notion of arguing against them; in any rational debate, those opinions are going to lose pretty close to 100% of the time. But in the meantime, I'll go away and leave you alone.

Eddie said...

Well, it’s good to know my initial reaction when Dave suggested the idea to me (freaking out) was completely normal.

1) Matt, I think AV will NEED to rely on “schmucks like you” (trust me, I’m one myself). It’s the readers and fans that are keeping all this going, from supporting the Kickstarters, to purchasing the CIH? books, helping restore and reissue the trades, the Patreon site, providing the on-line presences, etc. Dave wants to have the accountings of AV publicly posted on AMOC (or the equivalent) after he passes to make sure there’s no “funny business with the money” going on, and that everything is accounted for. Like your comment about the “Massage Lounger;” that’s exactly why, I think, it’s important to have something like AMOC so there can be a public accounting to the Cerebus Fans and “Stakeholders” (or perhaps a better term would be “Custodians?”).

I think it will also help keep the President accountable; You want to at least have some kind of check in place where someone can step up to the plate and say “This seems like it would be REALLY against what Dave would have wanted,” or “was it REALLY necessary to buy that Massage Lounger?” Having an external website like AMOC where fans could bring that up would help facilitate that.

Cerebus has an interesting effect on those of us that took to it like a duck to water and formed a strong personal connection with it, and that connection seems to have different ways of manifesting itself, I think; Margaret starts the Yahoo group and the Cerebus Fangirl website; Tim starts AMOC, George and then Sean begin the restoration and remastering process, Carson steps up to the plate to work on SDOAR; Jeff does all that Jeff does; for some, it inspires and informs their creativity and artistic works, beliefs, sensibilities, etc. It’s going to be an interesting situation for the President to be in, I think, because keeping what Dave would have wanted as the primary consideration while also at the same time keeping AV going while having the fans watching is going to be a balancing act, which I’m sure is going to have no shortage of opponents and detractors. As Dave said when addressing the Succession plan here on AMOC back in 2012:


 “EVERYONE who is devotedly interested in CEREBUS has a very sharp mental image of CEREBUS and of me and who I am and what I would want done with the property.  Whoever I left it to could literally never do anything right -- and not only never do anything right, for 99% of CEREBUS fans on whatever question they would be actively stabbing me in the back posthumously.”

(see how useful it is having a website like AMOC?)

which is why, I think, it’s useful to have the discussion now, as Dave suggested, where if there seems to be any kind of situation where it seems what Dave’s wishes would have been unclear, he can just be asked. Which is why I’m interested in what people think some of those grey situations might be, before such a situation arises where I just have to pull rank and say “This is what I’m going to be doing.” As you’ll see in the next installment, I asked some questions regarding Cerebus and the public domain status for clarification.

Eddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eddie said...

(damn limit on post size) ...
All this is to say that I don’t think an AV website down the road isn’t possible (and would probably make sense to include all the digitized material in the Cerebus Archive on it; I haven’t looked into it too deeply, but the Kirby Museum and Research Site at first glance looks like a rough template), but I agree with David B that the time and effort involved would be considerable, and I don’t think it would be manageable while the Successor taking over.

There is a plan to have a website for all the SDOAR material and research which won’t be included in the book (which is considerable), so that will be the main priority for the foreseeable future in terms of a website (although I don’t know if IDW would be involved with that). But I wouldn’t really want to mess with something which is working, and (while I know it may not seem like it sometimes), I think AMOC is working in providing the major on-line presence for Cerebus fans (I assume; I’m not on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, linkedin, reddit, etsy, shazam!, snapchat, craigslist, etc.). I hope it’s not causing you too much of a headache.

2) David’ B’s comment about not wanting to do anymore CIH? strips without Dave’s involvement touches on some other issues as well: how to keep AV with a steady source of income after Dave passes? I assume the reason most people buy the Kickstarters are mostly for Dave’s commentaries (which, I feel pretty safe in saying, was worth more than the price of admission on the last one), with the high rez art reproduction being the secondary reason (although I could be wrong about that). If SDOAR is completed, there won’t be any more new Dave Sim Material like the above after Dave passes (unless AV invests in a Ouija Board), which I think is what is helping restore and keeping the trades in print (as well as helping to provide a Cerebus presence in the stores which order them, in addition to CIH? providing Dave with some humorous release while working on the intense SDOAR). While I think Benjamin and CIH? is really starting to hit its stride,(especially on the upcoming issues), the question remains; would people still purchase new AV items if Dave was no longer involved in them, and would there be a substantial hit in sales if so?

Anonymous said...

Eddie--"Jeff does all that Jeff does". Seems to me like, most of the time, around here anyway, Jeff just gets into fights with Damian, gets yelled at by Margaret, and then half-heartedly defends dead, evil military geniuses.

And, "unless A-V invests in a Ouija board"...oh, my goodness, can you imagine Dave's dispatches from the great beyond? The place he's been yearning to see/be for the past 15-to-18 years? THAT could keep A-V going for decades!

Eddie said...

ahh. i should have clarified about what I meant about the Jeff comment, since I didn’t realize until afterwards that it sounds like I’m making fun which I’m not. I think the record shows that Jeff has a strong track record for sticking up for Dave around here. As well as being a huge supporter and helping Dave out (such as buying the auction items, etc.). And when Dave had to be admitted to the hospital, Jeff was all over it, liasonimg with the hospital and unrelentkeasly checking up and keeping us informed. I’ve never forgotten that. I would put him in my top 4 people I’d consult with over “What Would Dave Have Wanted.”

Oh I know! “Dave’s Weekly Video Dispatches From Beyond the Grave” sells itself! We could even bring in the Long Island Medium!!

Jeff said...

Aww! Eddie! How nice of you to defend me against that awful Mr. Anonymous!! I do have to admit, though, that when I told the hospital where Dave was that I was trying to be liasonimg with them and, further, would be unrelentkeasly checking up on him, the nurse asked me whether I was drunk or just whether English was my second language. ;) ;)

Seriously, though, Dave is at the very top (2nd) of my list of favorite people, and I would do ANYTHING for him except be President of A-V, INC. Unless it fell to me by default, but I'll be dead by then.

Oh! Shit!! I just remembered "A Night On The Town"!!!

Oh, please, don't do that to me!!!!

Eddie said...

re: "unrelentkeasly" and "liasonimg;" this is what happens when you try to defend Jeff's honour at 3 in the morning by posting to a blog on a tiny cell phone; the English skills go out the window.

You're on your own next time, "unforkunatley."

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


If you're gonna take over A/V, you gotta learn to never apologise for bad spelling, but instead seek praise for your spot-on "Squinteye" impression...

(It's NEVER an accident, it's ALWAYS on purpose...)

JLH said...

I look forward to CerebusTV, especially the earliest episodes (which I missed out on), being available, no matter how long it takes. It was a great, great program and I miss it tremendously.