Monday, 21 November 2011


Glamourpuss #22, variant cover (November 2011)
Art by Dave Sim, digital production Sandeep S. Atwal

Extract from an interview at Comic Book Daily (12 July 2011): 

What can we expect from upcoming issues of Glamourpuss?

Thank you for asking, you’re the first comics reporter who has ever asked me about Glamourpuss and I was convinced it must be a scam - Toronto and a girl?

We have Glamourpuss 22 coming out and you’ll notice that instead of it being the fourth annual swimsuit issue, it’s not the fourth annual swimsuit issue and that’s because I’ve decided to go off in a completely different direction. I’m doing a Zatanna parody, Zootanapuss.

There’s also a Glamourpuss 22 incentive cover and this is probably very destructive of the comic book field, but we’re all just trying to keep ourselves alive. So, for the Zootanapuss number one cover you gotta buy four of the regular ones to even get the number one cover. Now is that absolutely evil or is that absolutely evil?

More details available at the Zootanapuss website.

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