Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cerebus Jam #1

Cerebus Jam #1 (April 1985)
Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Cerebus Jam #1 was the only issue published of a proposed series featuring Cerebus short stories created by Dave Sim and Gerhard in collaboration with other comics artists. Issue 1 featured stories created with Will Eisner (The Spirit, A Contract With God), Terry Austin (X-Men), Scott & Bo Hampton (Batman), and Murphy Anderson (Superman). These stories have never been reprinted, with the exception of  Cerebus vs The Spirit with Will Eisner which has appeared in The Spirit Archives Vol 26 and Following Cerebus #4.


Dylanio21 said...

I absolutely love seeing stuff from this book, I need it, desperately.

Jeff Seiler said...

If you don't have a copy of Cerebus Jam #1, GET ONE! It really is true, what James Owen wrote about Dave when he spoofed James' Marty character (see "Guys"), whenever Dave sets his mind to spoofing or "doing" someone else's character, he not only does it well, he does it BETTER!