Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Fantagraphics Offer: Update #5

In the final issue of his self-published Glamourpuss, Dave Sim included an essay reflecting on the end of the series, and the possible end of his professional involvement with comics. The reaction online was widespread, and soon turned to a discussion of the future of Sim's earlier work, Cerebus. On a comments thread at, Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson expressed his potential interest in republishing some of Sim's Cerebus material. Sim, arguably the most iconic self-publisher in comics history, responded to that 'open offer' in a lengthy article at, and indicated his willingness to negotiate with Kim on a possible publishing deal for Cerebus, albeit in the public forum of the comments section at the website. Got all that? Now read on for the highlights from yesterday's postings...

I think Tim’s suggestion is a good one, so let’s expand the negotiations into a 4-book deal (with 4-book advance, presumably) covering GOING HOME and FORM & VOID. Is it possible to have that as a headline item (i.e. “FBI and Sim reach agreement in principle for a 4-book publishing deal: welcome ‘real time’ input from all interested parties here at the TCJ site”) using a few good quotes from the discussion so far? Read the full post here.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Like Dave, I have other pressing things to attend to (I still have my post-SPX hole to dig myself out of, and I was in a deep hole before SPX to begin with), but this last exchange has been very encouraging so far as I’m concerned. We will reconvene. Thanks to the various friends of Fanta and Sim who greased the skids on this exchange, and even to wackadoodle Michael whose crazy gibberings were such outliers I think they nudged everyone else toward reasonableness. Read the full post here.

I agree that if it’s about money, I would happily subscribe through Kickstarter or paypal or amazon payments or whatever, to just about any comics Sim wants to write and draw for the rest of his life. Read the full post here.

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