Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cerebus #11 - Behind The Scenes

Cerebus #11 (Hand-Colored Cover Proof, August 1979)
Art by Dave Sim
(via email, 26 May 2014)
Been reading AMOC for several years now, first time responder. I bought this hand-colored cover proof on eBay several years ago. Not long after there was one of Dave's 're-imagined' re-creations for the cover listed on eBay; my guess is he did the re-creation in response to what this sold for -- conjecture on my part, but reasonable given the timing.

The Ed in the dedication seems to have had some nice early Cerebus art; within the past year a con poster art with a similar dedication sold on eBay and I also have a wonderful 1978 'sketch' to Ed -- I'll send an email with that one to you someday.

I have to wonder if there's other color proof examples out there, or were they destroyed, or in the Archives. Maybe you could get some input from Dave in this - he's got plenty of time on his hands, right? HA! 

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Margaret said...

Steve - I'd be curious about that also. I know I have the color proof for issue #18. Just a huge piece (larger than 11" x 17", which appears to be what size the art is) of what feels like typing paper. The figures are just photocopies glued on to the paper.