Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cerebus TV Reruns: Cerebus Guide To Self-Publishing Special

(First Aired: 31 July 2010)



A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Attention all Cerebus TV fans!

Max Southall tells me that the domain and web-hosting fees for Cerebus TV are all due for renewal this month... so dig deep into your pockets and put some of that cash his way. Max is sitting on over 100 episodes of Cerebus TV and it would be great to keep the reruns coming.

Tim P said...

Would it be better / cheaper to upload onto youtube?

CerebusTV said...

What's pretty cool is there's still a lot of unedited, unaired footage, for CerebusTV episodes that had to be shelved when production finances became thin. In regards to this episode, there is even some material included that never made it into the original - at least 20 new edits were made and the all the segments were re-encoded from DV sources. Note that Dave refers to creating the artwork for the ULTIMATE guide - which there is over two hours raw drawing that needs to be condensed into a meaningful segment. Which can be done, when there are adequate time resources available.