Friday, 3 July 2015

Weekly Update #89: The 'Off-White House Copies' Explained


biglou said...

Unfortunately, Dave describes my scenario exactly. I chose number 75 for the portfolio because it's my favorite number. But I was definitely one of the first ten people to support the kickstarter. As Dave said, there is no perfect solution but I am more than a little disappointed that I will be over looked for these. Maybe I'll get lucky and a few will fall through the cracks.

Again no tragedy - still love Dave - but I am disappointed to have no option.

Jake said...

Yeah I was told I was in the first 10 to respond but I picked 77. There is no perfect solution, and you can't collect everything. At least that's what I tell myself.

Lee Thacker said...

Just spent the last 15 minutes trying to get the free download of HS(even though I've bought the original comics and paid for the download versions on a weekly basis when they first went digital) just to see if the same page is missing from issue 26 as it is in the IDW 'audio-visual package', but nothing's happening, even though I've signed up for 'Sellfy' and tweeted my support!

Unknown said...

biglou, Jake? You guys think YOU'RE fucked?

My numbers are 121 and...wait for it...




No shit.

Gonna go out back now and do horrible things to myself.

Travis Pelkie said...

Well, I was the one that mentioned Charles Schulz and his Wikipedia page, and while I did misread "alleviate" as "aggravate" (DUH!), again, to quote from the essential tremor page, "Essential tremor is commonly described as an action tremor (it intensifies when one tries to use the affected muscles)" -- that is, when he was trying to draw, the tremor got worse. Handwriting, though, presumably wasn't as complex of an action, so it wasn't affected, or the handwriting muscles and the drawing muscles are different, and the handwriting ones weren't affected.

Or, maybe he was misdiagnosed. He apparently had to hold his wrist to keep his hand steady enough to draw, though.

Sounds like Dave hit on a whole bunch of sponsored ads for essential tremor "cures". Times like that I don't blame him for avoiding the internet as much as possible.

So, after all of this "I don't want a doctor referral", Dave now has a doctor referral. No Canadian doctors would have done the same just based on the same info Dave sent to this medical center? (Which, conveniently, refers him to another clinic in their same medical group, if I understand correctly.) Oy.

I may have lost track during the video, but after the OWH copies are claimed by the people with the corresponding numbers, the rest of us with Kickstarter numbers get a crack at them at the same price, and then they go up for Ebay auctions, right?

Glen said...

Dave, why didn't you allow your family doctor to refer you to a hand specialist and/or surgeon in Kitchener or Toronto? They would likely have done the MRI or CAT scan already.

I don't understand why your flying down to this clinic for the same diagnosis you would receive here.

If you decide on surgery for your wrist where will it be done? If you choose Canada the surgeon here will likely want their own tests done at their clinic or hospital.

Tony Dunlop said...

You know, I'm also puzzled by Dave's logic here, but we all have to admit he's got a pretty good track record of marching to his own drum and making it work…starting in 1977, when logic and "common" sense would have said, Why not just shop your new comic idea to one of the publishers already out there? Why make it so complicated?

So maybe he's onto something, or maybe he's just nuts. We'll find out, but I don't think second-guessing him at this point is a fruitful thing to do! Bottom line, I want to read SDOAR, in as complete a form as possible, and I know Dave wants me (and all of us!) to. As for the rest, well, we'll just wait and see.

As for Travis' "refers him to another clinic in their same medical group, if I understand correctly…" in my experience that's how medical care works in the U.S. I broke a wrist a couple of years ago. The hospital that originally took me in and set it (it needed surgery but they had to wait for the swelling to go down) made an appointment for me, without asking for my input, at one of their own clinics, miles away and not near public transit (I don't have a car). I had to call them back and ask if there wasn't an orthopedic clinic nearer my home. They rather grudgingly gave me an address and phone number but wouldn't make the appointment for me - even though they knew perfectly well I had no use of my right arm - because it was a different company. It's all very incestuous.

Travis Pelkie said...

Well, yeah, that's kind of what Dave was trying to avoid though, right, with the "doctors cover each other" notion? And then here he's ended up with a referral where the doctors undoubtedly are going to "cover" each other as much or more than what Dave was thinking.

I want Dave to get the best care possible and to get fixed up, not only because I want to read Strange Death but because I don't want the guy suffering unnecessary pain. It just appears that he took the long way around to get to the same point he could have months ago.

Tony again said...

"Well, yeah, that's kind of what Dave was trying to avoid though, right, with the "doctors cover each other" notion?"

In my case, there were no doctors involved...this was health-care bureaucrats making decisions for me. (And this phenomenon predates the ACA by several decades.) I don't know how it works in Canada, but I can't imagine things being more red-tape-bureaucracy-ridden that it is here.

Bill Ritter said...

I really don't particularly care about any issues other than that of my kickstarter number: #103. Sadly, the more this whole thing is explained the less I understand.

IMO, if the original sequence of reservations was not retained, setting it up as basis of receiving "Off-White House Copies" seems a terrible slight to those who ordered in top 25 but now are left out. Ah well, as good solution - just wish this one was better than it seems to be.