Wednesday, 12 August 2015

At The Printer At Last

Sean Michael Robinson:

So, what happens when you spend a week of your life finishing a technically complex, 600 page book production while simultaneously helping take care of a one-month old little darling?

At the end you're so tired you forget to write a blog post. Possibly, you forget what a blog is, what the outside world is.

C & S I is at the printers. Mara's in the hinterlands of Minnesota. I'm one relieved restoration guy, who's going to do his best to forget all about this week. Go for a walk. Eat an orange. Anything other than INK on PAPER. UGH.

Seriously, the book is going to be killer. How killer?

You just wait.


Unknown said...

You did this on Windows 10? Untried, untested? Very brave. Oh, right, Cerebus, YAY!

Jon Marvin

Margaret said...

wowza. those examples are amazing. there were windows there! windows! the detail is amazing. it makes me wonder what this would look like as a 11" x 17" book instead of standard comic size. Great work Sean and Dr Mara - I'm looking forward to seeing Church & State for the first time as it was intended.

Max West said...

Impressive. I know what it's like to do touching up on pages; even though I work traditionally (I draw with pen & ink like Sim did), I use the computer for processing and retouching my work. It can be tedious though to correct flaws brought on by photocopiers and computer scanners.

Jason Winter said...

Beautiful work. I'm about 3/4th through the restored High Society (which is terrific!), so this couldn't be coming out at a better time.

Anonymous said...

Did the anniversary edition of High Society ever come out?

Jeff Seiler said...

And to think, you did it all there in that tiny little space.

The cleanup is phenomenal!

Sean and Mara, you are "mah he-roes".

And welcome back, Mara, to the hinterlands of Minnesota, says Jeff, who lives in Minneapolis. Hope you enjoy your stay with the mosquitos.

Say, Sean, when do I get my rescued trauma prints?

Sean R said...

Hey Jon,

Actually it was all done on the terrible, no good, buggy, crash-y Windows 8.1. Just a horrible piece of software. Then I had a catastrophic HD failure three weeks ago, and so I took the plunge and finished it off in the new environs. Wonderful! Can't recommend Win 10 more highly. Much more stable, much more intuitive than 8 ever was.

Anon-- sort of! You can still order it through Diamond, tho sans gold logo.

Jeff-- they're done and printed and waiting for the rest of the portfolios to be completed. You'll have to check on John. I know there have been many and various delays...