Monday, 10 August 2015

Cerebus Archive Diamond Editions

Always In Print & Always Available!

Cerebus Archive Number Three
Art & Commentaries by Dave Sim
Aardvark Vanaheim, $89.00
In Stores: 30 September 2015
Diamond Order Code: JUL150858
The ten earliest Church & State Vol. 1 pages in the Cerebus Archive provide a springboard for a lengthy Dave Sim essay, "Why I'm Not - And Never Will Be - Hal Foster'' (since the ten earliest pages mostly feature Sim's Prince Valiant parody character, "Silverspoon"). Coupled with size-as crystal clear, razor sharp reproduction (courtesy of Sean Robinson's Living the Line), fans everywhere are coming to appreciate that Cerebus Archive is the most in-depth treatment of any Artist's Editions on the market!

Cerebus Archive Number Two
Art & Commentaries by Dave Sim
Aardvark Vanaheim, $89.00
In Stores: June 2015
Diamond Order Code: FEB150878 
Second in a continuing series of Cerebus Archive Artist's Editions, this folio features razor-sharp, crystal clear reproductions of the ten earliest High Society pages in the Cerebus Archive. "Sean Robinson and Mara Sedlins are flat-out geniuses," says Cerebus creator, Dave Sim. "Just when I think they can't get a page any clearer than it already is, in comes the next generation of proof to prove me wrong." Sim's painstaking, inch-by-inch commentaries which proved so unexpectedly popular on Cerebus Archive Number One have been expanded from 2 pages to 6 this time out - and on the same glossy cardstock as the individual plates instead of the paper stock on the Cerebus Archive Number One.

Cerebus Archive Number One
Art & Commentaries by Dave Sim
Aardvark Vanaheim, $89.00
In Stores: November 2014
Diamond Order Code: SEP140947
The Aardvark-Vanaheim Artist Editions begin here with the ten earliest pieces in the Cerebus Archive, six of them published and four of them never-before seen (pages 3 through 5 of the unpublished "Passage" story). Reproduced full size in crystal-clear, state of the art digital reproductions on glossy card stock. Cerebus Archive Artist's Editions are the closest you'll get to owning the actual Cerebus original artwork (that regularly sells for hundreds and hundreds of dollars) from the award-winning 300-issue series.


Steve said...

The line about the Passage pages in Archive #1 having been "never-before seen" contains two errors:

First, the Passage story was published (can't remember if it's one of the newsletters or Following Cerebus) in addition to being available for years now on CerebusFanGirl's site.

Next the line "four of them" and then the reference to "pages 3 through 5" - which is only three, not four, pages.

I will pick no nit before it's time ...


Jeff Seiler said...

Right there with ya, Steve. Passage was available a long time before Cerebus Archive, but not in that form, of course. And, it first saw print in Following Cerebus, IIRC.