Saturday, 29 August 2015

Gerhard At Wizard World Chicago

(via email, 27 August 2015)
I got a Cerebus sketch from Gerhard at Wizard World Chicago last week. I figure it's something your readers would like to see. 

...and Gerhard has more photos from Wizard World Chicago posted on his blog right here.


Margaret said...

Tony - thanks for sharing the Cerebus drawing by Gerhard. That looks awesome!

CerebusTV said...

Ger's going from strength to strength, post-Cerebus! No longer in the "background" but an out in front artistic force with creative partner and author Shelley Byers, (who's in the second picture with camera.)

Cerebus fans rejoice (and buy prints and commissions :-) )

somercet said...

Hah, I bought the (larger) Regency print and am just now again hunting the used furniture stores for a proper frame. Something light and dark and gray, to bring out the lines. I found one today I think I will buy, too!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I hope he comes out west to Seattle!

I missed seeing him when Dave visited Washington state in late 1992 because Ger had gone boating shortly before the three-day visit and dropped his keys in the lake. But he did make it out a few years later.

Very friendly, warm guy. Listening to his feedback for artists who'd brought in their portfolios for review was an education unto itself. I hope (a) he's still doing that and (b) aspiring artists will take advantage to learn from a master of the form.

--Claude Flowers