Friday, 14 August 2015

Weekly Update #95: Compensating Gerhard

Dave Sim talks about the restoration of Church & State I (at the printers now!),
and how Gerhard was, and is still, compensated for his contribution to Cerebus.


Michael said...


Thanks for the background on your reasons for continuing to include Gerhard.

CerebusTV said...

It's safe to say that billions of people, not just 617, don't think that Dave's a misogynist. They don't think you are or I am either; it simply hasn't occurred to them. I suppose under a certain way of thinking, similar to that which justifies mass surveillance and recording of us all by our spy agencies as Snowden revealed, that everyone is considered guilty until they positively prove they are innocent. However, it's well known that you can never prove innocence. You can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law by marshalling enough compelling evidence against an accused, but the presumption is always that of innocence until proven guilty. You simply can't pronounce seven billion people guilty by default, you can only say that those who have by their own statements said they believe that Dave is a misogynistare proven to hold that opinion.

Anecdotally, of those I have seen or heard, the vast majority who find the issue worth spending time on, have overwhelmingly supported Dave not being that way.

Anyone in successful business long learns, most satisfied customers don't say much; it's the small number of the dissatisfied who will complain.

Those aware, see my monicker affixed to the petition. But whether I knew of it or signed it, I had my opinion already, and that didn't change it.

Gary Boyarski said...

I agree with what CerebusTV said. Most people that I have discussed the subject with are supporters of Dave. I wonder if it isn't an issue of needing more people (comic professionals in particular) to be made aware of the petition and how this label of "Misogynist" has and continues to negativly affect Dave and the Cerebus brand. I find it particularly apalling that many an article about Cerebus that I've read online misses the point that its one of the great comic books of all time and quickly heads in the direction of questioning Dave's story choices (It's his book he wrote it how he wanted it, damnit) and then dragging his personal beliefs into question as well. Maybe, we as Cerebus fans need to stick up for him more often than we do, and call into question the people that feel the need to villify a true rebel and comic book genius.

Michael said...

This whole idea that the only people in the world who think Dave is not a misogynist are the ones who have signed the petition is a canard.

Jeff Seiler said...

Since Dave has told me recently, and at other times, that his life is an open book (within reason), I think I'm safe in sharing what he told me during our most recent phone conversation, about Gerhard.

"I've reached out to Ger a couple of times over the years about working on some projects and he has not responded. ... As far as I'm concerned, I am completely done with Gerhard."