Monday, 17 October 2016

Gerhard's Smile Of The Absent Cat

(from Gerz Blog, 17 October 2016)
My first eight pages of Grant Morrison's Smile of the Absent Cat will be in issue 283 of Heavy Metal Magazine. Available at the beginning of November or for pre-order here.

In Shops: 26 October 2016
Diamond Order Code: AUG161692


Gary Boyarski said...

I'm blown away.

What can I say, I can't wait to read this. Your art is simply stunning as always. I can't imagine the hours it must take to complete something like this.

Paul Slade said...

I haven't bought Heavy Metal in 40 years, but I may make an exception for this issue.

Tony Dunlop said...

Paul read my mind! That's almost exactly what I was going to say.

Ger Hard said...

Thanks guys! Hope you like it.
I've just been informed that it'll 'be on the stands' October 26th.

Tony again said...

OK, now if I could only find out where the nearest "head shop" is nowadays... :-D

Travis Pelkie said...

Actually, Heavy Metal is on a lot of book store magazine stands (that is, as far as I know still, Barnes and Noble carries it ;) ) (if you don't have a local comic shop, that is!)

I tried to let Tim know about this back when the issue was solicited, but for some reason I don't think the message went through on the side form on the blog.

But yeah, Grant Morrison and Gerhard is sooooo awesome!

al roney said...

Wow! Great stuff!

Jeff Seiler said...

Ger, you and Shel know how much I like you both, as I especially revere your work on CEREBUS, Ger, and your... fabulousness, Shel!

This new collaboration between you and Grant, Ger, makes me both happy and sad. I think that you and Grant could, may, go on to great things together. Great things! HAPPY!


You and Dave.

Jack and Stan got just past 100 before they fell out.



There has never been a better tandem, and, I think, never will be, than you and who lives on XXXXXXX Street.

So,...and, I know...


It's not easy to go back.


Please reconsider making your reconciliation more public.

(Some of us pay attention.)