Tuesday, 18 October 2016

OFF-WHITE HOUSE BULLETIN 1055 hrs 18 OCT 16-- Cerebus in Hell? #0 has shipped!

Cerebus in Hell? #0 has shipped!

That is, it's left Marquis Printing as of yesterday. It still has to go through Diamond. But it's ON ITS WAY.


Carson Grubaugh said...

Awesome news. I hope it is released in time for my trip to Norfolk (got the check, btw, Dave. Thank you.). I had Jack order me a copy. Be nice to grab it in person!

Travis Pelkie said...

Whoa, what if this, the Heavy Metal mag with Ger, AND the Covers book all come out the same week?! I'm not sure I can handle so much Aardvark-Vanaheim related awesomeness!!!

Knowing my luck, the new version of Reads will show up at my store the same day too! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Bill Ritter said...

Ahh, Travis...those all are wondrous occurrences. No AHHHHHHH!!!! More like YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

A fine month for Cerebus and comics fans, indeed.

A.K. Johns said...

Cerebus in Hell? #0 is not found on the list of next week's releases.

This means it should be out on your local comic shop by early next month.

Travis Pelkie said...

Yeah, they don't have Heavy Metal on there either.

But the Cover book is still listed, so that appears to be a go!

Dave Sim said...

I got a call from UPS that there's a 450 pound box from IDW being held at Canada Customs. It's either copies of the the COVERS book or Ted Adams and Chris Ryall saving on plane fare.

Does bode well for this week in the stores, though, I must admit.