Thursday, 27 October 2016

Weekly Update #154: Cerebus Archive #5 Has Shipped!

Dave's feeling a little under the weather this week, so this is a short update, but good news!


Cerebus in Hell? #0: JUL161105
Cerebus in Hell? #1: NOV160995


Cerebus Archive Number 1 - SEP140947
Cerebus Archive Number 2 - FEB150878
Cerebus Archive Number 3 - JUL150858
Cerebus Archive Number 4 - TBD (Shipping in Feb 2017, see Dec Orderpak)
Cerebus Archive Number 5 - TBD

Heavy Metal Magazine #283 (Grant Morrison & Gerhard) - AUG161692

Vol 1: Cerebus - STAR00070 (Remastered Edition)
Vol 2: High Society - JAN150915 (Remastered Edition)
Vol 3: Church & State I - STAR00271 (Remastered Edition)
Vol 4: Church & State II - STAR00322
Vol 5: Jaka's Story - STAR00359
Vol 6: Melmoth - STAR00431
Vol 7: Flight - STAR00543
Vol 8: Women - STAR00849
Vol 9: Reads - STAR01063 (Remastered Edition)
Vol 10: Minds - STAR01916
Vol 11: Guys - STAR06972
Vol 12: Rick's Story - STAR08468
Vol 13: Going Home - STAR10981 (Remastered Edition)
Vol 14: Form & Void - STAR13500
Vol 15: Latter Days - AUG031920
Vol 16: The Last Day - APR042188


Bill Ritter said...

Order codes for you to give your LCS:

Cerebus Archive (Diamond Edition)
#1- SEP140947
#2- FEB150878
#3- JUL150858
#4- TBD: Shipping in Feb 2017 (forthcoming in Dec orderpak)
#5- TBD

Other items:
Cerebus in Hell #0: JUL161105
Cerebus in Hell #1: NOV160995

As I get the collection codes, I'll update and post to the weekly update comments.

I'll also plan to post the facebook site and their twitter feed each Friday.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Great idea Bill!
I've taken your list and put an expanded version in the body of the post above. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions.
Many thanks,

George Peter Gatsis said...

I LOVE how the "REMASTERED" note increases... :)


Dave Sim said...

Thanks, Bill and Tim -- we all appreciate your help with this!

Glen said...

I just received my "Cerebus Archive Number 5" portfolio from Canada Post on Wednesday. It looks great. Thanks to everyone involved.

Dave, have you ever considered selling these portfolios either on Amazon or opening a Cerebus eBay store?

I don't go to the comic book store much anymore but if there's a graphic novel I'm interested in I'm more likely to buy it online. I've pre-ordered the "Cerebus: Cover Art Treasury" at that way. I don't know if I'm unique.

Paul Slade said...

Nice work, Bill - just the list that was needed.

Gosh! here in London tells me the remastered Going Home is now listed as "in stock" at Diamond UK, and expect the copy I've just ordered to be at the shop for me next Wednesday.

Travis Pelkie said...

Also, in the current (November for January) Previews catalog, Cerebus in Hell? 1 and High Society Remastered are on page 248. (Actually, I see the listing for HS says "Remasted", so I suspect Ger had something to do with that listing ;) ) (boat humor!)

Reads shouldn't give you any problems, as I ordered mine near the end of September, and it was in at some point by a month later (I skipped the shop for a few weeks, so it may have been in even sooner).

And going by that and what Paul's saying, I suspect my own copy of Going Home is going to get to me soon, possibly the same week as the Covers book that my shop guy just ordered for me....

Alex Travis said...

Cerebus in Hell! #0 will be finally out on November 2, 2016.

Damin J. Toell, Esq. said...

Got mine. It got a bit bent in shipping, but that's life. However, I'm more bummed that I got the wrong number. I've always had #23 reserved, but I somehow got #24 this time. :(

Dave Sim said...

Hi Glen! Glad you liked it. Appreciate your -- hopefully! -- never-ending support. Right now, we're working on streamlining the process we have in place. One major element of which is shipping to the USA in bulk and having the shipments broken down there and mailed domestically. The problem with trying to have a "store" or Amazon is the shipping costs across the border when you're just mailing one Portfolio. Plus, someone has to stop work long enough to wrap one up, fill out the customs form and take it to the post office.

The idea is to keep Diamond supplied -- CEREBUS ARCHIVE ONE and CEREBUS ARCHIVE TWO should be arriving at the Star System in the next day or so -- with "signed on the front" copies and let their volume through the -- mostly USA -- stores keep the shipping costs down while making sure that everyone who wants one can get one. And JUST one, if that's the case.

We're going to be experimenting in Canada with Studio Comix -- because they go to so many shows -- with having them take CA PORTFOLIOS and, as an example, the REMASTERED CEREBUS VOL.1 trade to shows and sell them on their table. AND (this is way down the line) shlep them around Southern Ontario to individual comics stores. JUST Southern Ontario because there's a density of stores and it's just a matter of throwing boxes of books into the trunk of a car or back of a van and taking them to people who want to sell them.

Dave Sim said...

The idea ISN'T to build a shipping department because we just don't have the potential volume to make that work. It's going to make more sense for me to write my 11,000 word NOTES on CAN6 (which I've done) and for Sandeep to get the pages printed and all of them prepped WHILE THE KICKSTARTER IS GOING ON so that we're shipping within a week or two of the Campaign ending.

We're not doing BADLY right now -- you're all getting CAN5 and CAN6 is already pretty far advanced: ready to launch in the next week or so -- but we should be able to improve on that.

Once everything is running smoothly and we're not facing ANY surprises, then we can start figuring out how to incorporate SOME (I repeat SOME) Bonus Prints in a way that doesn't slow everything down. And if it does slow everything down, to jettison the idea. Permanently this time.

Eddie said...

Hey Damin! I'm usually #24. I'll see if I got your number when it arrives

Damin J. Toell, Esq. said...

OK, Eddie! In case I don't catch your comment here, feel free to email me at djtoell at g mail dot com.

Sandeep Atwal said...

Sorry about that Damin, I had you down for #23....hopefully you can swap with Eddie....

Eddie said...

Hey Damin! Looks like I did get #23 (that's the number on the outside of the package, so I'm assuming that's what will be inside).

I'll shoot you an email.

Glen said...


I originally wanted the number 24 when these portfolios were first introduced.

I hope this helps.