Saturday, 18 February 2017

Diamond Previews Picks: February 2017

Travis Pelkie begins the first in a new regular monthly AMOC series (if Travis can be persuaded!) highlighting the Cerebus-related comics and books featured in the latest Diamond Previews catalog. Travis is co-founder of the Atomic Junk Shop, a site about comics and other fun pop culture.

Cerebus In Hell #4
by Dave Sim & Sandeep Atwal
Aardvark Vanaheim, $4.00
On Sale: 26 April 2017

The publisher says:
Cerebus makes another attempt at proving his "post-revolution" worth after the snakes take over the Infernal Realms in the epic graphic-novel length  (for this comic, anyway) 6-page "Bipedal Gender Evisceration Bloodbath Countdown of Doom the Reality Show on Ophidian Sportsnet Two." Sixteen more epic-length four-panel comic strips complete in this issue!
Diamond Order Code: FEB171010

Shang-Chi Master Of Kung Fu Vol 3
by Doug Moench, Mike Zeck & Gene Day,
Marvel Comics, $125
On Sale: March 2017

The publisher says:
Shang-Chi continues to have his deadly hands full with foes like Shockwave, the sinister Agent Syn and the weapons master Zaran! But will his mastery of kung fu be enough to overcome monstrous menaces and the mindless minions of Mordillo? He thought he'd seen the last of his most bitter enemy - but an unholy resurrection will bring Shang-Chi face-to-face once again with his fearsome father Fu Manchu! And the family reunion will get even more bitter when Shang's sister, Fah Lo Suee, renews their sibling rivalry. There'll be gang wars, death cults and mind-blowing martial-arts mayhem on land and on sea! Plus: What if the Master of Kung Fu fought on the side of Fu Manchu? Collecting Master Of Kung Fu #71-101 and What If? #16.
Diamond Order Code: SEP161119

Travis adds:
On March 1, the third Omnibus of Master of Kung Fu should be released by Marvel. As it covers issues 71-101, it stops just before Gene Day took over on pencils, but he inks the issues prior to that (and hopefully there is a fourth Omnibus coming that will have the Gene Day penciled stuff).

Splitting Image 80-Page Giant
by Don Simpson, Jim Valentino, Larry Marder & Bob Burden
Image Comics, $7.99
On Sale: April 2017

The publisher says:
To celebrate Image Comics' 25th Anniversary--the original parody book by DON SIMPSON that skewers the formation of Image and the bozos that founded it! And here's the rub--IT'S ALL TRUE!! (Well, mostly, sort of.) Plus, as a super-special bonus (because we had more pages to fill), we include the normalman-MEGATON MAN SPECIAL by SIMPSON, VALENTINO, MARDER, and BURDEN! Square-bound even! Never before reprinted (and we can certainly see why). A piece of history at your fingertips (now go wash your hands)!
Diamond Order Code: FEB170579

Travis adds:
Also in the current Previews catalog, as part of Image's 25th anniversary celebration, there's the Splitting Image 80 page giant, reprinting that 2 issue parody of the Image founders by Don Simpson. But also included is the normalman/Megaton Man Special, which includes a Cerebus cameo.

Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Plus
by Shannon Wheeler
Dark Horse Comics, $29.99
On Sale: June 2017

The publisher says:
A deluxe hardcover featuring 32 new color story pages! This 600-page Omnibus Plus edition features five previously published Too Much Coffee Man books, plus an all-new color section! These semiautobiographical, hyperintellectual tales will appeal to both comic book insiders and pop culture fanatics. The most complete Too Much Coffee Man collection!
Diamond Order Code: FEB170076

Travis adds: 
Neat! A Too Much Coffee Man Omni! I like what I’ve read (and Dave's parody in GUYS!). Also, I believe it is the first/only comic book series/character to have an opera inspired by it! 600 pages for 30 bucks (with a color section) is a pretty good deal!

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Travis Pelkie said...

I should add that I'm willing (and I'm sure Tim is too) to highlight any comics not listed in Previews, so long as they have some connection to Dave, Cerebus, or AMOC -- so Lee Thacker, Barry Deutsch, Gary Boyarski (hope I spelled your name right!), etc. are welcome to comment here and we'll spotlight you.

And I'll certainly review, over at the Atomic Junk Shop, any and all preview comics sent my way. Feel free to email me at atomicjunkshoptravis at with PDFs or for my mailing info for review copies.

Lee Thacker said...

Thanks Travis! I'll try to get a preview pdf put together of some of my available work and send it to you next week...

Travis Pelkie said...

HAHA! My plan to get free comics worked! Thank you very much, Lee!

Dave Sim said...

Travis - John Warner is going to try and post "The Making Of..." progress on the STARCHY CEREBUS crossover so you might be able to get some freebies from him as well!