Monday, 20 February 2017

"If You Really Want To Draw Comics..."

From "Dave Sim's Collected Letters 1990", a Cerebus Archive Kickstarter reward.


Jimmy Gownley said...


Glen said...

A quick Google search of the name "Andrew Delby" proves the latter.

Dave Sim said...

It definitely isn't a popular approach in our society. Apart from sports coaching. "Giving 110%" "You've gotta WANT it!" etc.

You have to look at the fact of how many people would LIKE to draw comics for a living and how few people relative to that number ever actually WILL. There's a reason for that. The ones who really WANT to won't take "no" for an answer. Where are you putting in your time? Any time you AREN'T putting in on comics is leaving room for someone who devotes ALL their time to comics to take "YOUR" place.

This is from COLLECTED LETTERS 1990. We're still working on how to make these available. It will be on Kickstarter but the question is: what's a sensible number of letters per pledge item and how much do we charge per pledge item. I'm "ball-parking" it, mentally, at around 400 pages of letters per.

Stay tuned, COLLECTED LETTERS fans!