Friday, 10 February 2017

Weekly Update 169: Cerebus The Stamp Coming Soon!

No letter is complete without the Cerebus stamp! A letter. That thing you write with paper and pen. Paper, a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibres of cellulose pulp derived from wood. A pen. A writing implement used to apply ink to a surface, such as paper. No there isn't a Facebook group for it!


Jeff Seiler said...

You know, it occurs to me? Is CanadaPost okay with resale of their stamps? I'm not sure how that whole thing works. I know Wells Fargo ATMs used to make stamps available, and I buy my stamps at the local convenience store at a mark-up, but that whole thing just seems me.

Last thing I need is a CanadaPost uniformed goon to come knocking at my door... ;)

But, hey, you sell it--I buy it.

Michael said...

Hi Dave,

Looking good, I really like the Keepsake Sheet (25 stamps plus bonus stamp) option on the Canada Post website or the Booklet of 12.

Travis Pelkie said...

I haven't watched this week's update yet (no headphones here), but from what I gathered from the other time these stamps were featured, there's something Canada Post is offering where people can make their own usable stamps, and I assume that's what this is, so I presume that CP makes money off the deal and creators like Dave have a neat little merch thing that they can promote themselves with.

I could be wrong.

Gary Boyarski said...

I don't think CanadaPost can afford a goon squad. But lock you're doors just to be on the safe side. Stamp Number 2 looks great. Are there any plans to make one that specifically promotes Cerebus' 40th Year in comics? Canada Post likes to celebrate things like that, big anniversaries of things, Maybe if they see you making one they'll catch on, and do an official Canada wide Cerebus stamp! (Well… one can dream).

Dave Sim said...

Hi Jeff - Yes, it's actually a money-making thing for Canada Post since the stamp has a face value of 85 cents but actually costs...$1.17? Something like that, depending on the quantities you're buying. There's microchip (?) encoding in the rows of grey circles at the top that tells the Canada Post scanner it's a real stamp. The big plus (A-V revenue-wise) is that it isn't going to cost nearly as much to ship them as the CAN Portfolios cost. That's the part that I'm working on now: what's the ideal size for a sheet of stamps in terms of shipping them to the US? And also makes a nice package. Tentatively: the "size as" postcard in a plastic bag that fits it and the sheet of stamps in front of that (so some of the image is still visible).

Michael - I like the Keepsake Sheet as well. The question is the dimensions and what that does to the mailing costs to mail it flat with cardboard liner. 100% secure and the most accessible price is what I'm hoping for. The booklet of 12 is a slam-dunk because of the price --I'm thinking of soliciting Diamond for those.

Whatever is the "final sheet" we go with, you'll know exactly how rare it is because I'll be signing and numbering them.

Travis - No, you're right. It's mostly pitched as a "rich person's vanity thing": Have a family photo Christmas card and the SAME IMAGE ON YOUR STAMP! "Oh, won't the Joneses just turn GREEN!" That kind of thing.

Gary - Yeah, we haven't even got a viable Navy, let alone Canada Post goons. :)

As with anything else having to do with "CEREBUS in Canada" you run up against the "Well, I'VE never heard of it" Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal axis thing. It REALLY irritates them that something Canadian exists that they never heard of and automatically turns them against whatever it is, on principle. CAPTAIN CANUCK they've heard of, so there was a CC stamp back in '95. It would definitely be funny if someone at Canada Post said -- a few years from now -- This guy buys a LOT of stamps of this...donkey or whatever it is.

But, yes, keep dreaming.