Friday, 14 July 2017

Weekly Update #191: Cerebus In Hell? Returns!


Jeff Seiler said...

Yeah, BATVARK #1 is awesome. Loved the final proof of it that I won in the auction. Very funny stuff. Buy four copies each guys, and girl, or maybe 20 copies each.

BUT: Here's the deal, Dave.

On the One Particular Page, the one where you spelled my name correctly...

you misspelled the name of my specifically favorite musical genius.

His name does NOT remind older adults (like thee and me) that the spread downstairs (or downtown) opens at 4 p.m.

Instead, his surname ends with TWO T's.

It...the last pronounced "ett", as in, "I done ett everything Ma cooked up tonight."

It...the last NOT a rhyme for the first letter of the alphabay.

And, if anyone out doesn't know to whom I am referring (see, Dave, still doing it properly, like the old lady grammarian that I am), then google "Wrigley Field, Saturday, July 15".

And, then, using Google Maps or Google Earth, find section Q, on the field, row 15, and look for the strangely "dressed" guy.

If you shout really loudly, I'll wave at you. ;)

Jeff Seiler said...

Damn those gremlins!

The first line of the ninth paragraph *should* read:

"...if anyone out there doesn't know...".


Damn gremlins...(mumble, mumble, these days...why I oughta... ... ...

Gary Boyarski said...

Wowee! 4400 copies of Batvark 1!? That's really good! If anything the parody covers are a great marketing idea to get non-Cerebus readers to pick up the book and get hooked. Just wait until the numbers come in on that upcoming Ninja Turtles parody cover. Solid Gold I tell ya. :)