Friday, 28 July 2017

Weekly Update #193: Dave Gets a New Furnace!


A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Thank you for all your support and encouragement with AMOC. Keep in touch. Best wishes,

Jeff Seiler said...

You did a lot of good work, Sandy. I don't know what your new job is (hopefully, journalism/publishing), but I'm sure that you will do it well.

(Psst. Dave! Your combined 45 misprint copies are equal to slightly more than *one* percent of what will hopefully be the correctly printed 4,400 copies of BATVARK #1. Just sayin'. Hope that won't preclude me from buying at least one copy at auction down the line...)

Jeff Seiler said...

I just checked. Since I bought it at auction, I own the (presumably) 1-of-1 final proof page of the missing Cerebus cutout figure page, as well as the (presumably) 1-of-1 correct page that Marquis left out of those 45 (51?) copies.

Let the bidding begin. (Not on ebay, though.)

Oliver Simonsen said...

Best wishes, Sandeep Atwal! Amazing how much you helped accomplish during your tenure! And hey welcome back to Cerebus editing Dave Fisher!


Jeff Seiler said...

Amazing, isn't it, folks, what a missing punctuation mark will do to a comment? I am certain that Oliver was trying to welcome Dave Fisher back to editing Cerebus, in the comment above. The missing hyphen and comma, however, makes it seem as though Oliver is welcoming Cerebus to editing Dave Fisher, which seems implausible, though humorous.

Eddie said...

Best wishes and thanks for all your help over the years Sandeep!