Saturday, 5 August 2017

...Now With Added Gerhard!

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Most Holy
by Dave Sim (1992) & Gerhard (2017)
Cerebus, The Prime Minister
by Dave Sim (199?) & Gerhard (2017)

by Tony Harris & Gerhard (2017)

Iron Man
by Bob Layton & Gerhard (2017)

by Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer & Gerhard (2016)

by Joel Gomez & Gerhard (2016)

Gerhard's 2017 Convention & Signing Itinerary:

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Travis Pelkie said...


Sorry, that was my jaw dropping.

Day-um, these are all amazing!

That Iron Man one, though. Wow. The intricate machinery and the colors....


Margaret said...

I'm right there with you Travis. These are great! I'm partial to the Most Holy one, I love how we get a glimpse of Iest and the tower as Cerebus stands at the top of the hotel. But that Iron Man one is impressive as well.

Tony Dunlop said...

I'm not a big Iron Man fan, but I was when Bob Layton was drawing him. Great stuff.

Erick said...

Just amazing!
Silly question, but does Ger do or have any plans to do a regular strip or book again, or is he content with commissions?

Erick said...

BTW Layton's Golden Avenger period was my favorite comic book at the time. I would probably snuff it right on the spot if I saw that classic armor in an Avengers movie. Just drop dead from happiness.

Barry Deutsch said...


Is there any chance of larger images being posted? With Gerhard's art, I want to look at details.

Culpa Direct said...

Finishing Dave's old sketches like that reminds me of "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love". Except, of course, that these are actually good. And I'm glad that Gerhard didn't get Jeff Lynne involved.

Dave Kopperman said...


Gerhard has been drawing a strip for Heavy Metal, "The Smile of the Absent Cat," written by Grant Morrison. The collected edition is available for pre-order over at Amazon.