Monday, 7 August 2017

Eddie Khanna's Newspaper Clippings #2

Philiadelphia Daily News
(26 October 1982)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
(9 September 1995)

South Florida Sun Sentinel
(3 May 1992)

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Many thanks to Eddie Khanna for providing these newspaper clippings. Eddie is currently helping Dave Sim research 'The Strange Death of Alex Raymond' and you can read his regular updates on Dave's Patreon site for as little as $1 per month.


Margaret said...

Eddie - these newspaper clippings are great. Where are you finding all these gems? I love how the South Florida Sun Sentinel page has the baby throwing scene front and center. A great way to get new fans :D

Eddie said...

Hey Margaret! I'm getting them from the newspaper "morgues" or archives that I use for SDOAR research. They seem to update them, since there wasn't this much Cerebus/Dave Sim related material the last time I checked about a year or 2 ago.

I thought the comment about "Cerebus as Nixon" eerily prescient about modern day US politics...