Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Craig Miller "Renegade Rabbit" Art Auctions

 Ebay Original Art Auctions
(ending early September)

Craig Miller was a publisher, writer, artist, magazine editor, father, husband, son, employee of Lone Star Comics, friends to many people in the comic book publishing and comic book collecting world and so much more. He also published, co-created and wrote many of the articles in the 75 issues of "Wrapped In Plastic", a Twin Peaks and David Lynch fanzine. He published 35 regular issues of Spectrum magazine, a movie, TV and comic book fan magazine, as well as the Spectrum Special, and Spectrum Special Edition issues that came with it. He passed away about 4 + years ago. This original art is some of the very last items from his estate, which is being sold to benefit his 13 year old daughter. His Father, Howard, has been working tirelessly for 3 1/2 to 4 years to maximize the amount of money that his estate can leave to Craig's now 13 year old daughter, for which he has not only taken $00.00 for all his labor, but put anywhere from $250.00 to $300.00 per month in gas, road tolls, and so many more unaccountable expenses.
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(Dave Sim's Weekly Update #155, originally posted 4 November 2016)

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Steve said...

Thanks for posting this, Tim; it looks like the art has sold.

The parody actually starts with the last page of #4, for you completests out there...

My daughters are 13 and 15, and my wife has really no interest in my collecting hobbies, and consequently not much grasp of what's worth some money and what's just for fun.

If I should die I can only hope a family friend would help her and our daughters maximize the income on all the stacks of stuff I'd leave behind.


Travis Pelkie said...

Every time I hear about the new Twin Peaks that just *ahem* wrapped up, I think about what a bummer it is that Craig didn't get a chance to see it.

I'll have to add this series to my "Cerebus related comics" list of stuff to search for when back issue diving.