Monday, 18 September 2017

Prepare To Breathe Your Last... Duck!

Cerebus Meets Howard the Duck
(BEM #34, 1981)
by Dave Sim

(from the From Under The Stairs blog, 23 November 2012)
BEM has some great interior illustrations, but there's no time to show them all... but how about this one by Dave Sim? Love it! By 1981 Howard the Duck had become my favourite comic (I was still filling in gaps in my collection as many of them weren’t distributed in the UK). HTD #24 was a comic I read and re-read, and I would imagine would be my choice for my favourite Marvel comic ever. Steve Gerber became the first comics writer whose comics I’d buy on the name alone. In fact, I think he was the first writer, other than Stan Lee, to have his name splashed on a Marvel cover as a purchasing incentive (Omega the Unknown #9). I'd seen Cerebus but it was expensive and although I loved the artwork, I didn't get into it at the time (I now have a whole shelf with all the "telephone books"). But it was great to see this illustration in BEM #34 from 1981. Hope you like it too!

Russell Willis's interview with BEM Editor, Martin Lock, in 2012:

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Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Good to see this! (And have you seen the frontispiece of HtD black-and-white no. 9?)

Gerber's sense of the absurd comes through in all his best writing. I really like it when creators show me a world that I don't live in. Steve Gerber and Dave Sim share this ability, in different ways.

-- Damian