Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tales from the AMOC mailbag

Hi, Everybody!
I'm back from my mini-vacation (you have no idea how stressful this Interim Editor gig can be...)
And now: From The A Moment Of Cerebus Mailbag (momentofcerebus@gmail.com) recovering Cerebus Yahoo, Chris Woerner:
Hey Matt, comics!  These are two pieces I did sometime last year when Dave started his "Cerebus In Hell" strips.  Feel free to use them to fill up a day on A Moment of Cerebus.  Or not.
The kid in the bunny suit will come back soon, Disney's too weird a place for him.

It's probably just the cheese popular in this region...
So, there ya go.

Next time: Anybody up for some Transformers fan-fiction?

1 comment:

Jeff said...

As to Chris' second pastiche ( a shout-out to the brilliant Bill Mauldin [Maudlin]): Well done, sir. (And, let us not forget Chris' long service for our country.)

Was Cerebus digging the foxholes?