Saturday, 20 January 2018

Cerebus in Matt's Life: Part the Third

Hi, Everybody!

We now continue the bold saga of how Interim-Editor Matt Dow came to know Cerebus The Aardvark... um...ya know, not biblically, or anything weird like that...(for that kinda thing, see Cerebus in Jeff Seiler's Life... If. You. Dare!!!)

When last we left young Matt, it was May, 1993.

And now we flip the switch on the Wayback Machine, and travel the Circuits of Time all the way to...January 1993.

Young Matt had started to groove on Spawn and Wizard Magazine.

Wizard, the Guide To Comics, had run a number of bits about Cerebus and his creator, Dave Sim.

(I remember at one point, Wizard had instituted a "this month in comics" feature on their last page. One December it was about the first issue of Cerebus in 1977. Dave told the story of him and Gene Day at Gene's studio. Dave drawing Cerebus #1, and Gene doing a story called "Days of Future Past" (no, not the X-Men one...). Both with horrific head colds. And they ended up back to back at their drawing tables, with a thirty gallon garbage can between them and they just kept drawing and filling the can with kleenex... Wish I still had that issue of Wizard...)

AND, in the January 1993 issue (#29) Wizard did a year in review. And part of their review, was a preview of the far flung future of 2003 (dun Dun DUN!)

Wait for it...
See? Right there? Ya see it right?

This becomes important much later in Matt's life.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Gee Matt, every episode of Scooby-Doo IS exactly the same. How DID it manage to last for so long?" 

Wha? You're NOT thinking that? 


Anyway, it's a funny article. Funny, because as WE ALL KNOW, Cerebus DIDN'T end in 2003. It ended in March, 2004. And Cerebus didn't have a brother. 

But it planted a seed in Young Matt's little brain that grew into...(see Cerebus in Matt's Life: Part the Sixth(?), you'll see...)

Anyway, anyway, a few years later (I wanna say...199...8?), Matt's good friend, Nick AKA: The Comic Book Man (so called because he lends Matt comics by the foot. Seriously, by the foot. At one point, he lent Matt three feet of comics,) lent Matt the first five volumes of Cerebus.

And Matt read them all in a day and a half, returned them and said, "those were neat, got anymore?"

And Lo, the Comic Book Man haveth not more Cerebus, and Matt hadth to buyith his own Cerebusth, uh, Cerebus.

Yeah, and then Matt started to buy the monthly book.

And there was much rejoicing!

Next time: Matt Meets Dave! (And Ger!!!) WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Jeff said...

I can post "Cerebus in Jeff Seiler's Life", about how I came to know Cerebus biblically, but it's all in King James English, in 3-point type. Early reviews say it's kinda hard to follow.

Just let me know if y'all wanna see it...

Travis Pelkie said...


For the, y'know, rejoicing part.

Somewhere, I still have that Wizard with the back page story of "the flu". Whenever I finally excavate it, I shall send scans.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


That'd be great. I threw all my old Wizards in the trash. Except issue #29 which I got signed by Dave and Ger.

And then I bought two more copies because I...have a problem.


Travis Pelkie said...

I can still rattle off the fact that there was an interview with Dave in #17, and then because of a production error, they had another page of it that had been missed, in #21.

Ooh, 29 was a good one. Those big year in review ones were fun. That was the one with the Bartman cover, right?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Bart Sears Spawn versus Violator.

Travis Pelkie said...

You don't know how irksome it is for me to have gotten that wrong...