Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cerebus in Matt's Life: Part the AH DAMNIT!!!

Hi, Everybody!

So back in 1993, my bestest friend C.J. drew this image:
All characters except Cerebus, copyright 1993, 2018 C.J. Cerebus copyright Dave Sim 2018
Here's a better look at the fella in the lower middle:
I'm fairly certain this is based of off Todd's Cerebus from Spawn #10

DAVOS, SW.--According to a high-placed source, familiar with the matter, speaking on the condition of anonymity, last week's World Economic Summit (WES) here in Davos included discussions of the increasing value of comic books.

AMOC's reporter, dispatched to Davos (check out the snow bunnies!), said, "check out the snow bunnies!  No, really!  They're so cute, how their noses get all crinkly and they dig at the snow with their hind paws and..."

"Once redirected to his task," said the anonymous source, "AMOC's reporter reported that the WES voted unanimously that comic books were not particularly high on their agenda."  Nevertheless, the world's elite appointed a panel to investigate the economical feasibility of the so-called Black Boxes.

"Just keep my name out of this, okay," the anonymous, high-placed source pleaded.  According to the high-placed source, who (obviously) is familiar with the matter, but continues to speak on the condition of anonymity for fear that "a double agent might find out my home address and overfeed my dog, leading to doggie diabetes," the anonymous source's puppy-dawg is "a very good boy".

It was not made immediately clear to AMOC just how and when the Black Boxes would be made available, but AMOC's source did promise more direct information would be forthcoming as soon as the source could speak without condition of anonymity.
 GAH! Damn it Debbie Does Dallas! Don't do that!!!

Next time: I dunno, but I guarantee Debbie Does Dallas is gonna show up and ruin it... 

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Anonymous said...

Ya know? I think Debbie actually was a good girl. Just misunderstood.

And don't the Philadephia Eagles deserve a little understanding?

I mean, they won!!!

Not the Cowgirls.