Saturday, 17 February 2018

For Sale: Cerebus In Hell? and Flight CAN7 prototype and Gerhard stuff!

Hi, Everybody!

So I'm sure you all watched Dave's Weekly Update for this week (if not, it's right below this post. Go ahead and scroll down and watch it, I'll wait...)

ANYWAY, here's the links to:

The prototype Cerebus Archive Number 7 portfolio.


And since Steve mentioned it in the comments to Dave's Weekly Update, Gerhard and Mike Zeck's Punisher.

AND and, tomorrow(?) Gerhard's World Without Cerebus: Fallen Idol print goes up.

So I hope everybody has been saving their scheckles...

(Full disclosure: I'm currently winning the CiH? auction. I'm kinda hoping "some yenta with more money than brains" (I'm looking at you, Seiler,) shows up and outbids me...)

Next Time: Auctions! More Auctions!! ALL AUCTIONS, ALL THE TIME!!! Right here on A Moment Of AUCTIONS!!!!! (wait a minute...)


Jeff said...

Matt, until ebay "blinks first", as Dave put it when we discussed the issue, my relationship with them remains persona non grata. They say that I owe them $3.43 (or somewhere around there), even though I have never successfully won any auction on ebay. I will not be extorted.

I hate Heritage because of their stupid live auction at the end of regular bidding. All of the filthy rich people park out there and win everything. Most of which they probably don't even care about.

ComicLink is the way to go.

David Birdsong said...
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Jeff said...

Do you think that's, maybe, a shout-out to a certain Borealan chain-mailed she-warrior?