Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sneakier Previews

Hi, Everybody!

So, wanna see a sneak peak of this:
Huh, do ya?

Well bubby, are you in luck:

See, back during the last Kickstarter, you could get a "Personalized Cerebus In Hell? strip. I did, and this one is mine.

Dave also included all the bits and bobs he used in making it. Including THIS little gem:

Dialogue he must have printed out for a different strip.

Truly an insider's inside... or something. Guess we'll all find out what it means in April 2019!!!

Next time: "Is it 2019 yet, Daddy? Is it? Is it?"

1 comment:

Tony Dunlop said...

And here we see old fart Sim's disconnection with the ephemeral nature of the digital age...by 2029 nobody will even remember what iPhones were.