Wednesday, 23 January 2019

CIH? 2019 Reversion

Benjamin Hobbs:

You may remember last week's post where I announced an altered version of the 2019 CIH? checklist.  Funny thing about that.  That night, after posting the revision, Dave sent a fax, and said that the ORIGINAL release schedule is back on, due to the release schedule of the remastered CEREBUS phonebooks. 

So here it is.

The OFFICIAL (although probably not FINAL) 2019 CIH? checklist:

Next week: The way things are going?  A revised version of the 2019 checklist.


Seth Manhammer said...

Wait, what's the schedule for the remastered phonebooks?


Paul Slade said...

What he said. When's the remastered Church & State II coming out?

Tony Dunlop said...

You don't need deet in the middle of winter - the skeeters are all dead.

Mike Battaglia said...

Devil in da deets, y'all.

Jeff said...

Okay, so, I don't think I'm speaking out of turn to mention that, six(?), eight(?), months ago I spoke on the phone with Dave. I asked him about which phonebook he wanted me to proofread next before its remastering by SMR.

Dave replied that the phonebook remasterings were on hold for now (and then [heh]), not the least reason being that, as he said, "you're one of the highest expenses involved." That was a surprise to me, and I reminded him that I had given him a range of hourly prices (based on a cool website that tells you what people make in their professions) and he had agreed to pay the median amount, per hour.

Nevertheless, I guess the returns on the remastered reprints (with many old, unremastered copies still languishing in Diamond's warehouse/s) has slowed down the remastering process.

Thus, apparently, the continuation of the saleable, monthly CIH? #1s, well into the foreseeable future.

Lest anyone be in the least bit concerned, I told Dave that I would continue to proofread the remaining books that I have not yet done (I think it's nine more to go), at no immediate charge to him until they're actually printed. I might also reduce my charge. It's more important to me that they get remastered and reprinted than that I make money. Honestly.

Jeff said...

Of course, I've gotta get off my lazy ass and actually start, you know, doing that, one of these fine days...

Seth Manhammer said...

Legit, that's really cool of you, Jeff.

And personally, I don't *need* the remastered phonebooks, but I *want* them, obviously and will purchase them whenever available. I really enjoy the experience of comparing each remastered phonebook to the previous printing I have and seeing the huge differences.

This is where I wonder why I'm commenting so much on the Internet, feel self conscious, and will slide back into obscurity for the next six months.

Jeff said...

Before you go slip-slidin' away, Seth, I just want to say, "Thank You!". It is a rare event when proofreaders get thanks, let alone credit, for their work. But, the work (at least for me) is the reward. I am an odd duck--I actually *enjoy* proofreading. Oh, and thanks to Dave and Sean, who always give me a proofreading or copy-editing credit in the books.

Thanks again, Seth!